I agree it's a classic pattern and it looks fab with your hair! Glad you wore it today and felt great.

I love it and think it's fab with your hair. Glad you are going to give it a try for a while longer. I agree with others who said a "style lab" post might be worthwhile. The forum is great at giving styling suggestions for particular items.

Love it with your hair! I think I know the type of shirts that you mean in the films - does yours have a slight sheen to the fabric? If so, I'd be tempted to play that up a little if you're feeling too masculine in it currently.

Another thing about the neckline, is that you can try tucking the collar inwards like Trinny does (to see whether you like it) without having to sew anything - I suspect this type of fabric will stay in place that way. Just a thought!

Good idea Zaeobi! Going to try the collar thing for sure, with other shirts too. Not too sheeny,

Jonesy, Suz and Zaeobi and others earlier on up thread thank you for also confirming black/white works with my silver hair. Before going silver I was thinking of giving up black and transgressing to Navy. While navy is still an option I have found black super flattering with my silver hair. You know we often hear that as you get older black does you no favours but it seems not so in my case.

It's a great shirt! I can see how it goes in a heavy, 90s masculine direction with that pattern. But if you make it funky with chunky jewelry, beachy jewelry, and flowy pants, it should work well.

Thanks Carol! Yes definitely have to add feminine elements. I wore it today again, with pearl stud earrings and black ballet shoes, and dark wash BF jeans. It felt okay, not too masculine.

From what I can see, Star - it looks great, and I'm glad you felt good in the shirt eventually

Yes, that IS a unisex silhouette of shirt. I've seen men in very hot countries wear them in the Summer. Doesn't mean you can't rock it though!

Black is beautiful on silver haired wiener with winter coloring. I hope you keep the blouse!

Thank you Angie. Welcome back. You have been missed!!

Avicenna thank you. I am keeping it.

Awh, Star! So sweet. Thanks for missing me

I think the top looks great, and doesn’t skew masculine.

Lots of patterns and fabrics are shared by both sexes: plaids, stripes, Oxford cloth, stripes. I have at least 6 shirts that were picked up from the men’s department (the cuts fit me better.)

Thanks Runcarla. I really like your plaid flannel shirts!

I don't see a problem with these, at all! Inclined to say classic, and unisex-but can be styled feminine, too!:-)

Thanks Lyn67. Yes I do agree regarding the feminine styling and will be keeping it.