The blue moto is such a good color for you. So is the nutmeg coat. I really like your leopard scarf, too.

You look super in all of these, Chris! That AT moto is simply stunning on you (I wish it worked for me).

I am late to the party but have to say your outfits are beautiful on you and your color schemes look awesome with your coloring.

Thanks so much Style Fan! I'm letting my hair grow a little right now, thinking about going with a slightly longer style.

Thanks Brooklyn, Jaileen and Celia!

Robinf - I think you have hit on something saying that light blue really is like a neutral for me. That gives me even more of a reason to look for more of it... as if I need a reason

Thanks Aquamarine! The moto jacket is from H&M, and the fact that something from them actually fit me is still such a shock

These outfits are fantastic, Chris. What a gorgeous palette for you this fall. I love the blue leather moto on you--such a beautiful and unexpected color. Also the nutmeg coat. Like Style Fan, I noticed your hair, too--it's looking great. I guess the growing-out stage agrees with you!

Thanks so much Firecracker!