All three of the pairs of boots/booties I ordered recently have arrived! I've tried them on (and am wearing my Docs as I type this because they're super stiff and I'm dying to break them in--Atlanta Pride is in October, and I would so love for them to be comfortable enough to walk in by then!) and gotten an idea about how they fit and how they look in person, and I thought I'd share.

I usually wear a 10 in women's or an 8 in men's shoes. I tend to need a size up if they run small at all (or sometimes a half size, but those are rarer and rarer, it seems). I have what I think are medium-high volume feet and what I think is a regular arch. I also have extra long second toes, so shoes must be long.

Elvina Waterproof Bootie (Natural Snake Print)

  • I ordered one size up as suggested, and they fit like a dream. They won't take long to break in at all--they are already feeling better after one evening wearing them around the house.
  • The inside is padded and feels amazing on my ankles. I wore ankle socks to try them on and it worked well; the top is relatively soft and doesn't feel like it'll chafe badly if I walk in them.
  • I like that the colors are fairly close to black and white; I don't think I'd wear them with something that is a pure white, but they give kinda the impression of black and white.

Dr. Martens 1460 Rainbow Patent Boot

  • They're magnificent.
  • I ordered a size up because I was between sizes on their guide, and I'm glad I did. They're a bit tight on the top of my foot; not so tight that I don't think they will fit well once broken in, but they need some wear.
  • The iridescence is amazing--pretty subtle in most lighting, but I love the way the rainbows move as you move your feet. I'm looking forward to elevating some all black outfits with these beauties.
  • The rainbow stitching is gorgeous and makes for a really nice touch. It's been growing on me the more I've looked at it.
  • They. Are. Magnificent.

Steve Madden Guided Combat Boot (Natural Snake Print)

  • I bought these on a total impulse, not giving one single solitary care about the fact that I had already bought a pair of snakeskin booties, because I've been wanting snakeskin shoes for ages, and combat boots are one of my favorite items. I regret nothing.
  • I'm really digging the flat laces; I prefer flat laces over round ones in general, and combat boots rarely come with them.
  • The fit is about what I expected; slightly tight (not as tight as the Docs) here and there, and I'm certain they will fit well once broken in. They're pretty flexible, so I don't think they'll take too terribly long.

Given that it's still stupid hot here in Atlanta, and given that they need to be broken in--especially the Docs--I don't know how long it'll be before I can post some WIWs with these, but I'm excitedly planning outfits already. If you've bought any of these, or something similar, I'd love to hear about how you're styling them!