Adele, you asked about what to do when it's snowing and you can't change shoes before the event. I would recommend looking for a pair of nice boots that are weather resistant, such as Aquatalia or La Canadienne. They are pricey, but they are worth it!

Well I don't really have any truly formal dressy events thank goodness. I struggle even with looking more polished for theatre, concerts, and rare dinners out at really nice restaurant. Where I live even these events are casual but I prefer to dress up a little more. It isn't so much the clothes as how to accessorize that I struggle with.

Shoes are an issue. I have some dressy booties but struggle with other shoe options. Heels are a no go for me now.

i second the use of Aquatalia shoes and boots for use with a dressy capsule in the snow and bad weather. I have some patent leather pumps, and also some sleek dressy tall boots. They may not always be the best with my outfit, but they will work. I don’t have any, but I have seen shoe covers for rain and snow that work with heels. I usually drive to an event and have very little outdoor walking. Even when I am in a city like NY, I take a cab directly to the venue if the weather is bad. I would rather wear nice shoes.

Around here, most people wear boots and change into their dressy shoes. There are plenty of coat racks at winter formal events. This is a snowy city, and we are prepared. After the event, change back to boots and leave.

@Nemosmom - the brand of my velvet coat is Cue Australia - it was part of their 2018 Winter collection, but unfortunately they made limited stock and it sold out entirely. I know because people have stopped me on the street about that coat! Really glad you like it because I think I will be wearing it for many years to come.

Thanks for the tips about the footwear for bad weather, it's very appreciated. Where I live, most events are in the centre of towns where there is never enough parking spaces, so at least some walking is always necessary. Inspired with this (and the first ) thread I took some time today to check my formal dressy clothes, and discovered that I really need to put some time and money into it! Summer is fine, but for the rest of the year I found only a pair of black pants and an old LBD which still fits but I'm not excited about it. I also found a fairly new red blouse which I really love, at least. I realized that I need to put some serious thinking into my non- existing dressy capsule! My life is generally so casual that I ended up with only casual clothes, but I don't feel good not being prepared... I have clothes for funerals and business meetings, when they occur, are covered, but dressy/party look is missing completely, except for the summer.... I need to buy things!

Adela, if you don’t have winter dressy things, how have you gotten by the last few years? Is it possible that your schedule & activities don’t require them?

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FashIntern, I never had many to begin with, but during the last few closet cleanings I got rid of most things. Most were dated, too small, never felt right etc. But I never bought any replacements. Plus, as my children are oder now, we can actually go out more.

Adela, yes, this is my reason why I don’t have much dressy clothes. Having small kids and living in foreign country without family and babysitters, my social life was non existent or very casual. But kids are growing up and suddenly I have a need...

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Anchie, I recall people encouraging you to pack exactly the kind of things you say you don’t have many of for your spa trip with your grown-up daughter and another mother-daughter pair. Did you have the need for them?

Thanks, Bijou!! It is GORGEOUS!!!

This summer I had a really rough time finding an outfit that was dressy enough, casual enough, not too dark, lightweight enough as I melt in the heat, covered my arms, and felt JELM (just enough like me).
After many months of shopping and the help or input of countless friends and family, with 10 days to go the last piece of the puzzle fell into place and I achieved JELM.

I have a less challenging fancy event in March and I already have my dress. What a relief. I’ll need to finish the outfit and if I have questions I know where to turn.

Im lucky that December is generally not bitterly cold, and i never attend anything super formal. My solution last year was velvet dress and tall heeled boots, both of which i wear to work (though ill wear a scarf with dress for work to tone it down). I should get some velvet or otherwise festive pants for when its colder though.

I did work hard over the years to build up a decent modern classic dressy capsule to fit my curves and weight (no matter the season or level of dressiness) but as I age I want more FUN, DRAMA and/or TRENDINESS (not only on weekdays) but for all these occasions (which are not that many anymore:-(), too....

FashIntern - LOL, my daughter is turning 11 this month, so not really grown up yet. But girls are growing up much faster than boys It would have been nice if I had some dressy things and more variety with me at spa, but I survived without. But I have 3 parties this month and I am facing the same issue again.

Anchie, lol, I had assumed she was in her early 20s. Enjoy these years!
Btw, my son's favorite vacation place for years has been a hotel/spa on Florida's East coast. Here he is being a goofball on his 12th birthday there.