In August my goal was to form a closet with capsules for our weeks of weather in early fall when it is still hot.

The goals were:

1: To appeal to my need to wear fall colors but in outfits that could still be cool to wear on hot days.

2: To try to keep from getting bored with my summer wardrobe.

3: To attempt to not shop for or buy more hot weather clothing so late in the season.

I was successful in these goals.

1: I pulled out autumn accessories and used my small amount of warm weather weight items in fall colors with neutrals

2: This worked. I had planned to do this from the beginning of summer so held back on wearing much brown, orange, and even red during the summer, so was happy to see something "new".

3. I avoided end of summer sales and buying refreshers, telling myself to wait until next spring. Experience has shown that my needs and tastes can change.

I would do this again although keep more other colors out. I did get a little bored with this warm fall capsule and long for the weather to cool down.

Now we come to the hardest part of the year, along with the transition between cool spring and hot summer. The closet gets packed because there are still hot days but more cool ones calling for long sleeves, long pants/jeans and even light jackets. It's hard to pack anything away without having to pull it out. I want to transition into a cooler fall closet but usually that isn't practical until November. What do you who live in 4 seasons do?