You probably know that personally I am trying so hard not to buy things I won’t wear. Regarding your dilemma though with loving this colour: if you do end up buying this and then hardly wear it, it’s not the world’s worst crime, is it? You could accept that that might be the case and then just enjoy the one or two times you do wear it.
This is the opposite to my usual advice. I just read your other thread and wondered if it was a pity to give up on a bright colour for once.

Jenni, it's a fair point, I think Brooklyn mentioned too, I could just call it a vacation dress and not worry so much about making a workhorse of it ... I think I need to try on a few to get a better sense of what I'm really feeling good in ... Was trying to tick this to do item off my list but need to be a little more patient with options I think!

I think everything has been said but thought I would chime in anyway. Angie talked me into a shirt dress which is more flowing than that but would look similar with a belt. I wear it at least once a week as it is so comfortable and I would buy that dress knowing how versatile the shirtdress is for me for summer at work. In saying that, I would'nt buy one to wear to a beach resort as I think you could do better if you want resorty and the holiday look.

I think this dress is almost perfect for relaxed beach family vacation dinners! It is colorful, light weight, not form fitting, probably packs well without wrinkling. I always take a similar dress and wear it more than once during a week vacation with strapped flat sandals. I have worn this silhouette for years! The only thing I would change is the sleeves…I definitely prefer sleeveless but covered shoulders. Good luck with your search!

Friends thank you so much for all the feedback ... I have read and appreciated it all, and am pondering which is why I'm not responding to all (also don't want to keep bumping my own thread for good long ) ... But Zaeobi said something which I'm keeping in mind which is that perhaps a similar dress to 2 but without quite so many different elements going on would be the thing ... Anyways I'll let you know where I land and thank you all so much xoxo

Oh well, I was about to answer that that dress looks perfect for the setting and may work in many others as well - depending on the accessories and how the fabric looks in person...and then only I noticed there have already been so many perfect answers.
Definitely looking forward to seeing the two dresses you ordered!

Thank you Aurore, and it's so nice to see you back!!

And it's so nice to be back and find this little corner of the web still as nice and welcoming as ever!