Love your new shoes! So much better than the EFs I think, they would have stumpified all but Sveta.

Shannon I love the EF ones but get you on cost. It's the same for us in Aus re shipping etc. The ones you bought are fab. Love them even more I think. The shape and pointed toe is just lovely. I would suggest they will elongate the leg even tho they are quite low heeled. Beautiful.

Kat - thanks for chiming in with your personal review of the EF shoes. My feet definitely would not have worked in those shoes based on your info - I have high volume, bordering on wide feet with bunions. Now I know.

Glad you like the ones I brought home ladies

These are the kind of shoes that I see and think "yes, those are amazing"....but are they only amazing when they are not on someone's feet? I'm not sure.... They could look unflattering (imo) with some basic things, like jeans for example. I would also agree with someone above who said to think of them more as booties....I am not sure how I would ever wear some of the shoes now that are like a mix of boots and flats... like these for example...

It was fate indeed! They look lovely, what a great find!