It is time to put away the strictly holiday items that are in heavy rotation between Thanksgiving and New Years. Over the time I've been at YLF, I've gradually moved from dressy formal pieces to mostly casual or smart casual ones. Now I am seeing that I also need to gather items that are not cosy warm...more cotton rather than wool. Our last few years of holidays have been too warm for much wool.
This year I was very happy with the variety I had, especially using Angie's ideas of making plaid, sweater dresses, and jeans look festive. I especially loved wearing lots of white and shades of white, pairing the with a bit of bling. Sweater dresses, my red wool suit, my beaded wool skirt and my tux pant suit felt right for dressy events as long beaded and velvet skirts stayed in the closet.
I really enjoyed wearing metallic gold and metallic blue jeans and a pair of sort of red/teal/black plaid jeans for casual events. It was fun to do sparkle on the bottom instead of the top sometimes. I think this was an Angie idea for Holidays 2014. I also liked a dressy top with regular jeans.
For next year I will watch for metallic booties and the right holiday long sleeved tees. A long duster to add dressiness to a casual outfit would also be welcomed if it doesn't overwhelm.
What did you like and not like about your holiday outfits? What will you do differently next year?