Its so disappointing making shopping mistakes, and although I do my best to try and avoid them, somehow they persist even with my best intentions. Some I'll catch right away and return promptly but others end up lurking in my closet way past the return window, a constant reminder of my fashion fail.

I'm not sure why I hung on to them, some were visions of moving to a new silhouette that somehow fizzled, some looked promising but eventually started to feel too itchy, stiff, or I just couldn't make them work as well as I thought I could.

Sadly I have a number of mistakes, but I can think of 2 shopping mistakes recently that I wished I'd returned or never purchased.

1) The pink shaker sweater from ON. Loved it in the store, and it does work with so much in my closet but now it just feels too loose, not crazy about the neckline on me and it feels a bit itchy after awhile. It probably took me a month or so to realize that it wasn't something I really wanted to wear anymore.

2) The other mistake is a pair of Muji corduroy pants. They seemed to look good when I tried them on that day, and they are very well made, durable and practical, but instead of casual/cool, they now feel frumpy and the colour doesn't really go well with most of what I have. I had bought them while on a trip but it took me number of weeks to figure out they weren't going to work, so I couldn't return them. I've decided I'll just wear them for working around the house.

Alas, that's a couple of my errors confessed, but how about you?

Are there many shopping mistakes still lurking in your closet?

Why did you keep them?

How long did it take before you realized they were a mistake ?