The only items I hang onto after getting sick of them are quality handbags. Well-made, high-functioning bags that suit my style and are affordable are hard to come by, so I stash them away for a few years and then bring them out again. There are not many, just a few that I have a real attachment to, and think of them as old friends....

Oh interesting - like some above, I prefer to sell while things are still pristine and someone else might want them.

... Before donating, make sure you have replacements that you really like. (Note to self: Need to do this with some swimwear/beachwear. )

The Cat - thank you. I like the Mary Janes - they have been reheeled several times - 10 years service! The ballet flats will stay as they are a useful addition - and yes BJ1111 - I think they probably are trending again.

ChristelJ - I do wear my bags out - I think I am not as kind to them as I could be. But good idea to rotate them around.

Shevia - yes I think that it is a good idea to act promptly if you realise you have made a mistake. I have a black cropped knit NZ designer jacket that I will try to sell. It cost me over $200 and is definitely not versatile. I will list it online and as it is in very good order I hope to get $60-$70...... You must see patterns in your thrifting as to what pieces last and what do not too.

The Cat - Yes

Hum, interesting. I expect things to last a long time. When I add something to my wardrobe, I assume it will be there for a long time. That's part of why buying out of season makes no difference to me at all. I always figure I will have it for years, and the season will roll around quite a few times in there.

I prefer to sell them before they get to a point where it wouldn't make sense to sell.

Is it terrible that I expect my pieces to last forever and ever. I hardly get tired or bored of some pieces of clothing. I always try to find new ways to style them.

If I wish that something gets worn out so that I can replace it, it is clear indicator that I don’t really love that item and that I should not force my self to wear it just to justify it.