So, I have a somewhat embarrassing confession: this spring/summer season I have ended up with eight (that is right, eight!) new dresses. I love dresses, but do not get to wear them often with my dress code at work. Nevertheless, this summer that is very different as I am doing a part-time internship which lets me wear whatever I want. Dresses can also be very hard to fit on me due to my long torso and small waist-to-hip ratio - sheaths are especially difficult. As you wills see in my collection, only one new dress is a sheath, most are easier to fit as they are fit-and-flares of some kind. I have had ridiculous luck this season: all of these dresses fit really well, most are quite practical and fairly timeless. Bonus: all were on crazy sales, the total for 6 dresses was a little under $200, and two were free, courtesy of Amazon gift card that I was unexpectedly given by Amazon as some kind of refund from mass e-book lawsuit settlement. All but one have already been worn, multiple times to boot, and I am very happy with all of them.

Here are the dresses (all on huge sales/clearances):
1. The tale started with a random H&M clearance sheath dress in April, that I posted about a while ago - it fit perfectly, which is so rare for sheaths for me, and it was in my favorite colors.
2. In May, while looking for something else at Loft, I spotted this darling white jersey number, which has been serving me really well on hottest days.
3. Same month, couldn't resist the chambray shirt dress that was an Angie pick, and works really well over cropped jeans/pants/leggings.
At this point I was pretty pleased and thought I was done, but shopping gods have different plans for me
4. On a random trip to the mall in early June I spotted a perfect blue J Crew wrap beauty, which I couldn't resist and brought home with me, as I described here.
And here is where madness begins.
5. The next thing that happened is that Amazon gift card I described above. I wanted to treat myself to something nice (it was free, after all) and ended up with two deeply discounted jersey dresses that are oh-so-perfect for my climate and lifestyle: a grey double-layered Kensie and black handkerchief hem Karen Kane. The quality of the KK dress is divine.
The last part of my summer dress story is where I went really over-the-top.
6. I have had a huge crush on these two black WHBM dresses ever since Angie posted them as her picks in April. I couldn't justify them at all, and they were fairly spendy for my budget. Sometime in early July, I was going though some really difficult times and randomly browsing the web to distract myself. WHBM was having huge online sale and imagine my surprise when I found both of those dresses still available in my sizes, at about $20 each. I simply couldn't resist - emotional shopping at its best (or worst), so I pulled the trigger.

Epilogue: I have 8 new dresses, 3 of which are black. The first 6 have already been worn multiple times, each dress somewhere in 2-4 times range. Of the final two WHBM ones, the first one I got to wear last week and I have a perfect occasion for the second, fancier one, next week - graduation ceremony for my summer students. Dresses #1, 3 and 8 will work very well for fall season too. I do not have any regrets, though I will stay away from buying dresses for a long, long time