I've been sticking mostly with denim jeans and polonecks layered under a dark jacket or coat this winter.

I really was surprised to buyingin-& loving me - creams, tans, beiges, +pale yellow which is new to me- this summer. Loved these paired with bright whites especially- so doing a pale neutral column of color first time in my life and not feeling washed out- who have had guessed? And loving my bare face (just a little foundation and tan-but invisible lips/brows and eyelashes included!!!!) ???? Skyrocketing!

Hmm, I really had to think hard about this and even then didn't come up with much! ... it's been the same old, same old here. I didn't really buy anything for 'high summer' weather this year, and I'm feeling a little frumpy lately tbh ... probably need a few updated piece for next year.

Loving my new white non-skinny jeans though (I think they are called girlfriend jeans but not sure) and finally our heat wave has broken so I should get some time to enjoy them in the next couple weeks.

What about you NM? Any standouts?

In my neck of the woods, summer has been HOT. Most days have either been hot and humid, or rainy. My coolest clothes have served me best, and that includes the two dresses and one skirt outfit I keep reaching for.

White linen Kelsey skirt: Alex MIll

Blue gauze cropped Skylar tank: Carve Designs

Oatmeal linen Courtney sack dress: Sugar Candy Mountain

Navy seersucker field dress: W'menswear

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So fun to read everyone's responses! Thank you for indulging me!

Chewy - how smart of you to keep the jumpsuit! Sounds like your intuition paid off!

slimcat - yes! to craving more structure, and how fun to add tulle!?

Bonnie - your boho tops are perfectly summery! I can see why you love them - those green sandals are amazing, too!

Suz - you've got it dialed! Those are all such iconic pieces to your wardrobe, their longevity makes perfect sense.

Janet - Interesting that your Ripskirts weren't worn! I, too have strayed from tees this summer. I am not sure exactly why.

Fash - I would happily take your jacket weather!! You can have my muggy heat, and all the annoying cicada sounds that come with it!

Sal - that brown coat is SO you! And, I love the quilting pattern on your puffer - agree it makes it exceptional! So much love for those cords, too!

Suntiger - I bet that cognac hat is a major workhorse for you!

UmmLila - Love the shape of your sunnies (and that jacket!)

gryffin - so glad you finally landed the cropped cardis! And that you found a replacement for your beloved jeans!!

I'll be back to comment more in a bit!

Worn on repeat in spring: My new waistcoat in soft "baby" wool and in several cool colours (a playful patchwork look), crocheted by my dear Mum.

Worn on repeat this summer: Ankle length sleeveless dresses, breezy midi skirts, capris, tank tops, woven shirts worn as jackets, Birk style sandals.

Vivian - those pieces are SO great ! You find the coolest pieces .


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Star - nice work modifying the denim bits to suit you better - sounds like it paid off! Counting wears is really smart.

Jenn - great that you stuck with the Bed Stu's and was able to tame them. They seem like such a signature piece for you.

AJ - thank you for the clear bag rec!

Lisa - I also strayed from tees this summer, instead I've been living in button up woven shirts. Not sure why, really...

Brooklyn - I am drooling over your velvet pants! Great denim finds, too! Jeans shopping is a pain...

Donna - fun slides!

Rachy - that *is* a spectacular dress!!

Shevia - Fisherman sandals FTW!

Coco - tanks are such a great staple!

Minaminu - I am drooling over that green gilet!

Bijou - a fab collection! These look SOOO you! Love the mix of tough and elegant.

Irina - those dresses look breezy and perfect for summer!

PreppyPear - this was true for me, too! No skirts or tees... it is nice to have the break, I think.

Laurie - that cross back dress sounds fab!

cat2 - nice to give your feet a break!

Ginger - how fab to wear pieces that you made yourself!

JenniNZ - how funny that your winter has leaned so dark! And wow, your skivvy is going strong!

(more later!)

Vivian, that dress in pic 3! I love that. I need it in some other color. I think I need to google it.

As summer began, I thought I’d be wearing quite the same as last summer, when I intentionally wore my “cute” tops -decorative or construction features and pretty prints-, matching shorts and sneakers or flowered Birks. I settled on a true outfit for each day, even though going nowhere except local walks. It was a strategy to keep my spirits up.

This year since I’ve been able to return to art group, more errands and a few social outings, I still wear those outfits. It has been too hot for toppers, long pants or skirts, or even short sleeves. But in truth, the days I stay home (still the majority), and it’s HOT this summer, I’ve sunk to cotton tanks, old slide sandals or flip flops, and a pair of shorts which are classified “not for public view”. Therefore you could say my average appearance has significantly declined. Haha!

Janet, I stumbled onto that dress in a local boutique. It was on the sale rack and I grabbed it - and so glad I did! It's what I wear when it's too hot to think. The neckline and the tulip/bell-shaped skirt give it structure so it works for me.

Sugar Candy Mountain has a lot of great looking dresses, other pieces etc. Going to follow this brand for sure. Jenn, have you seen it? Looks like your type of thing too .

Slightly cropped sleeveless top paired with full midi skirt has been my go-to formula for non-gear days this summer, often with a boxy cardigan and/or anorak as we’ve had a cooler July/August punctuated by brief heat waves, plus *lots* of rain. I’m also really liking technical fiber high-rise joggers paired with either a merino tank or a long-line sports bra/crop top and sometimes a button front shirt thrown on top, either open or partially buttoned. Almost all of my sneakers and sandals go well with the midi skirts; I’m less satisfied with my shoe options when wearing joggers but haven’t quite nailed down why that is. Dresses and jumpsuits have received slightly less wear than last summer; again, not sure why but not too concerned by it.

@LaPed Yes re: shoe and jogger pairings!! They all seem awkward- I think it's cause the tapered legs.