Freckles you’ve just sent me off down memory lane.I too had a panne velvet dress that I wore to death when I was young.It was deep red and “too sexy”as well.sigh,thanks for reviving that memory forme.

Delurked and TexStyle -- With my recent closet purges (pants and tops) I no longer have any florals in my wardrobe. I thought this sweatshirt would be perfect for me because of the coloring. I am actually starting to second guess that decision though.

Well, I’m not trying to talk you out of it. Just that I know you’ve tended more jewel tones and richer colors than this sweatshirt is. I really like the concept of a dressier/more upscale sweatshirt for you. And you know, I do love a floral. I’m just unsure if this is the piece. I may look a bit at sweatshirt possibilities- just for fun.

I just ordered a $20 velvet tee shirt from Old Navy, another compromise of sorts I suppose