Said Angie: They make the rest of your closet a lot more wearable

This last criteria for what makes an Essential spoke to me a lot. I was thinking about the things I wear a lot (the puffers, leggings, joggers, sweaters, aprons, sneakers, etc.). But I wear them to function. For example, puffers because I run ridiculously cold. Or leggings because, as all the other women bakers at the bakery also seem to have found, they allow you to move.

Further, I often kind of do these things in a statement kind of way. I'll do loud leggings with some clashing patterned mini skirt for an apron. They aren't holding up the outfit; they ARE the outfit.

What makes these crazy items and combos wearable are shoes of a certain type (sneakers and combat boots), (neutral) tops of a certain type, and sweaters of a certain spirit. I have, for example, more than just black batwing sweaters, but I don't reach for them again and again to make other things work.

I have to say I have one hot pink and blue sweater that I almost exclusively wear with red plaid jeans. I'm not sure about the essentials in this outfit, so much of it is so loud. I guess this is where I rely on just one essential in an outfit: shoes.

I've only thought so far about essentials for my At Home/Bakery style. My office style would be different... But maybe not entirely. Turtlenecks and long sleeved tees would certainly be a go to. Heeled booties maybe instead.

...Essentials by capsule?

Also: I feel I must sort out the relationship between Essentials and Neutrals...