Kaelyn, “I’m a tough cookie” is probably the best description of my kinda RATE yet. And isn’t it fun to be more complex? I think so!

I had a conversation the other day that touched briefly on the word “eclectic”sometimes connoting appropriation and a colonial/settler mentality. Like white people listening to “world music” or buying “ethnic art” or museums as culture theft... eclectic can be one politically correct step away from exotic. (Not to mention, its dictionary definition just doesn’t say very much. Liking a variety of different things? Who doesn’t?)

LaPed, I wish I’d been so deep as to think of the effect of “eclectic” tastes on the world around us. It certainly fits with a colonial mentality to pick a bit from here and a pretty little thing from over there, this nice color from this place and this pattern these other people make. But I think my reaction was more defensive than that—I’m a pretty logical person with principles about most things I do. Not having a reason just sounds bad to me, like a person is too feeble-minded to connect their various likes and beliefs. But I like your reason better, lol.

I don’t feel intellectual enough to join in this discussion. But I do agree about the dictionary definition of eclectic not being very helpful, which is why I moved away from it a couple of years back in developing a style moniker. Because I thought, what does it say?-just that I like a whole load of different stuff?

Jenni, I always have to giggle when you say you don’t have the intellect for whatever conversation—you’re a doctor! But yeah, the notion that I just like various things with no rhyme or reason bugs me.

New idea on how to get that edge/what edge I even want to be on: androgyny. Hmm

A blog I check in on periodically because I like her writing: https://amidprivilege.com/style-archetypes/

She doesn’t muse on style as much as she used to, but her reflections on how her upbringing influenced her presentation and self-perception are really interesting. And her three “High WASP” archetypes might be helpful to you: Grand Dame, Artsy Cousin, and Sturdy Gal. I’m thinking Sturdy Gal might line up with your androgynous leanings.

LaPed, she’s fun! Thanks for the rec. Funny that she uses the word “sturdy”. That’s very much how I’ve long thought of my body, including the Stevie Wonder lyric “her skirt is short, but oh her legs are sturdy; to walk to school, she’s got to get up early”. Sturdy and functional, that’s me.