I hope to meet lots of new people this year, so a clearly legible presentation of myself is especially crucial. Angie’s post connects solidly with some thoughts I’ve been thinking lately. The quote Bijou gave from Rachel Zoe sums up the goal nicely: “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”.

First off, the way I’ve been describing my style might be off in some aspects. I see it as basic, simple, and straightforward, but those words probably don’t communicate it to others very clearly. My style is probably dressier and more maximal than I realize. Those of you who have a feel for it, what other words would you use?

Beyond the terms to describe my style, though, I want it to communicate clearly without words. I’m a pretty rough-n-ready kind of person, who steps up to things without blinking. I need to up the RATE quotient in my style to reflect this. Earlier today, I was plotting out a post playing in my closet to work on that. I might get to it today or tomorrow and append the pix here, or maybe I’ll make a separate post.

I have many juxtapositions in myself:
I tend very, very strongly towards empathy and compassion. My son commented on my parenting recently, saying that my concern has never been the misbehaviors, but digging down and finding what’s gone wrong (“structurally” was his word) that led to those behaviors and addressing that. He is absolutely correct. Compassion and understanding are my general approach to him and to the world. On the other hand, when people play on that, or are simply not fair, I can be very very sharp—Mama Wolf protecting my cub, but also letting people who do that in other situations know I’m not impressed. That’s a lot to show sartorially, but I at least want to have juxtapositions of the leather-and-lace kind (although not necessarily in those materials).

Another juxtaposition is humor and preference for gritty real life but also embracing my intellectual side. I’m a bit of a nerd, and entirely ok with that. I enjoy learning about other types of intelligence and trying things I’m not good at. If I goof, or just can’t do a thing, it rarely bothers me. I might work on it, like I am on pull-ups and throwing a spiral, or I might just laugh it off very comfortably. In my style, I think this shows through in my preference for some formal and classical pieces worn with quirk or in quirky ways. In person (as opposed to in writing), I think this does a decent job of “telling” people to expect me to be tongue in cheek.

I don’t know how to be quiet. I’m not a talkative person, or an extrovert (being around people wears me out), but to put it nicely, as a person told me ages ago, I have “stage presence”. Maybe that’s my preference for colors. I want to learn to dress in various shades of the same color, or in tones that are very close to each other on the color wheel. Trying to connect that back to personality.... I guess it shows shades of understanding and careful connection/distinction. I do not like murky colors, or obfuscation. Say what you mean, precisely and clearly, and we’ll get along best. Sage, dusty rose, and the like have never felt authentic to me, any more than telling someone to “stay classy” when you think they’re over the line.

I'm energetic. Although it might seem like I’m doing 3 unrelated things at once, closer inspection will probably reveal a connection. Ergo my attraction to pattern mixing and maximalism.

I have a known preference for structure (of the body), whether or not that is covered. I need to think more about how that relates to the rest of who I am. It’s forthright, I guess. Any ideas?

Thanks for reading and for any responses. I’m looking forward to discussion. Am going to try to sit on my hands for the first few posts.