So cute!

I still have my pug socks even though the pugs are no longer with us, sadly. (Not a day goes by that I don’t miss them, still!) My pug pajamas got too worn out and are now in the rag pile. I’m not much for cute prints in everyday wear except for maybe a graphic tee, but they sure are fun to see!

Fun with fashion!

Now that's a joyful sight! It's so you, and wearing it you are already spreading cheer. I really like the relaxed cut on you, too.

I knew the orange/red will be the winner& wearing it with pearls will never look juvenille! You all (3!) look Fab!:-)

Very cute! Love the slouchier fit on you, cozy looking

That is so cute. With antlers too!

I love Yorkies too and might get one for our next dog. Are they hard to train?

You look adorable in the sweater and I really like your hair like that. Have a wonderful holiday and rest period!

That is the best sweater for you, enjoy it!

Thank you ALL for the kind and supportive words. I'm thrilled with the joyful and playful purchase

High fiving all the pet-people who get it!

, you are right. It's the perfect Christmas jumper for me.

Grace, thank you for the generous comment!

Lynn, Yorkies are INCREDIBLE. Small dogs with big personalities. Very clever, playful, funny, loud, and quite easy to train.

Adorable on you. It's not juvenile and it brings a smile on my face.

Love it! What is fashion if not fun?

Super fun!! What a great way to brighten the winter blues! Love it.

I wear every single Siamese cat print I can find, so there you go!

SUPER CUTE! It suits you beautifully.
Have a relaxing time off and happy Thanksgiving!

YAY! It's SO YOU! Glad you got it and wear it with 'dog mom' pride!

DOG MOM RAP - YouTube Anyone see a Shar Pei (wrinkle dog) one, please let me know

Merry and festive purchase! Does this count as your tomato red sweater? I think about adding a dog to my household but it’s not quite the right time yet. Pets are allowed in my building though and I am enjoying my furry neighbors

Best holiday jumper ever!!! And definitely red for the win here too.
It's going to make the holidays this year extra fun, Angie, what a super find!
Also: your hair has grown so much already!

Now that is joyful! I love it! Happiness belongs to all age groups.

Very cute and happy just like Sam and Jo.

You look adorable. a great nod to the holidays and Sam and Jo.

Thank you, everyone! I'm going to wear my Yorkie jumper this weekend.

Nikki, not quite! Need a solid red jumper too

Inge, It has! But not growing fast enough..... ;(

Absolutely frickin' adorable!!

So cute and so perfect for you! I would love to find a sweater with my pup on it, but he's one of a kind :).

ADORE it on you. Agree, it is a bit slouchier and bigger than you usually wear. I don't think it looks juvenile at all but I love that you don't CARE even if it did!! Your joie de vivre and joy at DYOT has been inspiring me lately!

Angie- this is such a great look for you. So much of style is how much an outfit both brings joy to the wearer and says something about who they are. Surrounded by your signature items, the sweater has the context of both your affection for Yorkies and your polish. Winning!

Thanks so much, everyone! I wore my Yorkie jumper to decorate our home a few days ago, and loved it

You look Sam-sational

Love the color and, of course, the pup!

This piece is a nice quality garment, which makes it much more grown up than, say, a fun souvenir tee shirt. It suits your elegant and playful style.

SO CUTE! And so cheerful! It doesn’t read juvenile at all to me, and I think it’s exactly the perfect thing to wear during the dark winter months.
Sam and Jo are so adorable, I can’t even. Jo looks like a little scamp

I think you will brighten everyone's day if you walk your Yorkies visibly wearing this jumper. Or perhaps inside a store that allows dogs.