I learned the silly way not to keep bras on your wait list - I usually resupply in the summer when we are in the States, but this year obviously not (for the first time since I left). I tried substituting and wasted money that would have paid for the shipping on the ones that I eventually ordered. Worth it!
Thrift stores are open (masks and limited customers) but I have become more focused on trying to find stuff for my family (slowly converting my daughters, my son wears whatever I throw at him). Definitely giving the fancy stuff a pass (until I find something irresistible ).

I was just thinking that it may still be handy that I didn't get rid of a lot of my warmer clothes yet, as outdoor dining may continue all winter here, where it gets chilly at night, but not freezing. It could be nice to have a warm sweater to pop on for a night out on a patio come January.

, California has been a lot more conservative about reopening than Florida. We didn't quite get to stage 3 (where theme parks could reopen) before we got hit with the summer surge from stage 2 (estaurants and bars) and went backward. I suspect the next attempt will be even slower. I will say, though, that we had an outdoor lunch at the Downtown Disney dining district a couple weeks ago, and it felt way safer than going to the grocery store. Their preparation and rules enforcement were on point.
We sold our house in Colorado, so that's not an option.

Thanks Jenn. Your posts lately seem like you might be feeling at home there. I hope so! I remember early on you told me beach shops were closed when I knew they were open in Florida, so it makes sense that other things related to the pandemic are also moving more cautiously there. Stay safe!

FashIntern, the stores are open, but I don't want to go there.

Nice blush shoe collection you got there FI ;). Slightly drooling.

My life is almost back to normal, I am in office full time (even though we had 20 cases in total, 4 still active). School is starting Monday, also fully in person. So no waiting list for me at least for now.
Fashintern - I am surprised about your comment on online shopping in Germany. I have been shopping almost exclusively online for years now, and never paid for return shipment in my life. And almost never for shipping (only when I am impatient enough).

FashIntern, remember who is governing Florida.
He's now ordered the Health Dept to stop releasing the number of school Covid cases to the public.
You made a smart & timely move.

The parks in Colorado are mostly closed too. Even playgrounds , which were surrounded by crime tape, have recently opened if everyone wears a mask and maintains social distancing. I don’t think the restrooms are open.
Bars...iffy and they close early. Some are just closed all the time . Restaurants need to have outdoor seating that is distanced. Waiters and customers must wear a mask accept when eating. I don’t know if ski places will open this winter. They brought in out of state people who brought the virus. People in rural areas don’t want them because medical facilities are minimal. Some counties even closed their roads to out of state cars. We are encouraged to stay home and that is what most do.
The state law requires a mask on when one leaves the house or about a thousand dollar fine or 30 days in jail. State law is 20 years old or older. The children’s facilities like preschool are more strict and 2 years up wear masks, if they are open at all. That could change if anyone tests positive for the virus. Local schools are going to start virtually then see later on how things go.
My waiting list...I was going to get most jeans replaced, but jeans do not work well any more. I am going to try to do without new pants and wear a few I have that have a stretchy waist. If taupe or a good brown become available, I plan to stock up, but it may be too soon to see much brown at retail.

I am trying to keep my wish list small. I would like at least one more pair of jeans (I only have one pair that fits right now) and if I could find an olive pair I would be jumping for joy.
I need to buy new footwear or I wouldn't be walking much longer. My footwear is spendy so that takes a huge chunk of my clothing budget.
I shop in B & M only. Online shopping has been a failure for me. The only time I shop online is a vintage site in Winnipeg that Lisa P mentioned. I have been very happy with the pieces from this place. Excellent quality, lots of measurements and pictures and good prices. Very classic styles.

This is my wish list right now:
Olive jeans
New Footwear
Blue jeans
Cream T-Shirt (to replace Caslon ones that are looking shabby)

I slowed my shopping a bit but didn’t stop. I found I wanted house dresses! Easy to wear but fab.

That said, we are buying a home so I need to hold on to cash. I’m expecting a few other things, including some items for my bike riding capsule and remaining NAS items, but then I’m done for a bit. I have no needs except a decent weight raincoat, and I will try Boden next. I tend to fall in love with certain items anyway, so wish me luck! :p