This is a just a musing after a conversation with a Fedex driver yesterday.

For our business I am required to FedEx things around the world in essential services. We are in a hard lockdown here and the only NZ shops open in person are grocery and pharmacy. Online it is a bit broader such as IT and safety supplies but I can’t buy clothing from NZ retailers online or in person. But of course I could buy from Amazon and get it delivered. And of course we have time to online browse when there is not much on. I have been doing so but am holding off til September as I am on a no buy month. And I wonder why I am doing it sometimes.

The FedEx driver said that he is busy with international online shopping being delivered. So there are plenty of people with money to spend - wanting to shop.

In 2020 after our short lockdown luxury cars, home appliances and high end shops did very well indeed. Jet skis and bikes were sought after. It’s an interesting phenomenon to my mind.

Did you find staying at home or lockdown changed your urge or ability to shop? And when restrictions eased- did you feel like shopping?

There was a lot of talk of people reprioritising after 2020- I don’t know if it happened though?

For me - I have moved spending to outdoor gear such as hiking shoes and bike pants and some outdoor furniture that we enjoy. And I am mindful of spending because of uncertainty around the economy. I want my spending to count so where I can I choose businesses I want to support.