My wardrobe count/review uncovered a challenge around tops. I have real stability in the bottom half (I rely on AG jeans and JCrew trousers primarily, because they fit so well) so the top becomes my place to play -- and, interestingly, the place where I find it easiest to express my "glam gamine" goals. (Lisap: I think this is the POV thing.) But it's hard to find standout pieces, so I end up buying pieces that will work but are not very exciting.

My favorite tops are the first three below, and each has a really unique feature: black fringe, black-tipped lace, crepe pleats. I guess every top can't be this interesting, but I'd like to try to be somewhat more discerning when I am choosing tops so that I have something to really love in each one.

I've collected a few that I am considering, and those are added below. I'd be interested in your thoughts. (Tanya, thanks for the Pinterest idea; I'm using Finds instead right now, and it's helpful.)