Thank you DV!! Your approbation is worth gold!

Suz you look fantastic. On a side note I need that peplum. Sad that it's not available here.

I would never have guessed that a top like #1 would work with this skirt, but it looks fantastic. I also like the outfit with the denim jacket and also the crisp white mesh top. I would also never have guessed that a petite girl could wear this skirt so, so beautifully. Thanks for opening my eyes. I've had this skirt for a while now, and you've given me tons of styling ideas. I think the cobalt top idea would work beautifully, too, Suz.

Thanks, Kyle! I'll bet you look amazing in your version of this skirt!!

A side note: I am not truly petite! I am hanging onto my in-between status for dear life (at 5'4"). But I know where you are coming from. You should have seen Sveta's face when I kept asserting that I was NOT petite last weekend. Yeah, right, I could hear her thinking....

In any case, it doesn't matter because I think a true petite could also wear the skirt with the right styling.

What fab outfits! Love how you styled all iterations. My faves are 1 with the asymmetry and the denim combos.

Thanks, Diane. And Ramya, I meant to say, you look so smashing in your own striped skirt!!

Suz, I'll bet that if you, Sveta and I went shopping together that you just might feel petite!
I have had the privilege of shopping with Sveta and know what a wonderful and helpful companion she is. I'm thrilled that the two of you were able to join forces and take full advantage of the NAS offerings and savings.

Suz, you look KILLER beautful in all outfit renditions of the bold stripe skirt. I'm so glad you purchased the fun piece.

Thank you, Angie! It is sweet of you to stop in. I was pretty sure this one would meet your approval!

And Kyle, shopping with you and Sveta would be really fun. You are so right -- she's a super shopping companion.

Also, did you notice -- we ordered lots of the same items but had no worry that we would steal each other's size!

Oh cute! I like it with everything!!

I love 1 and all the converse outfits. The skirt looks fabulous on you! I have skirt envy from seeing you and the other gals.

Just an update...I wore it today with the peplum, white denim jacket, and pointy toed black flats, to the theatre. Felt super comfortable and happy.

Thanks, all!

FANTASTIC! Every one of these - what a great buy for you!

Wow Suz! Bold, dramatic stripes for a mid-tone girl! Very, Very nice! It works (IMO) because the boldness is on the bottom half, rather than the top. I love it - and you're inspiring me that (perhaps?) I could wear bold and dramatic as well?!?!

Marley, you can do it! Go for it!

This skirt is easy to wear, really. As long as you go for a neutral top, you can't really lose.

Suz, you inspired me! I was going to keep the black one with thin white stripes because I thought the big bold stripes might look too crazy on me, but after seeing this post and how striking you looked, I just had to go for it! I love all your iterations and am taking styling notes from you!

Late to the party, but I am just so thrilled that you are keeping this skirt in the bold stripe too, Suz. It most definitely works on you, brilliantly well, I might add (just like I thought the bold striped Pleione blouse was a winner for you too). All the outfits you created with it are smashing, and I'm taking notes because mine arrived today (Sveta, you and I are skirt triplets;-)

Enjoy and wear it often!!