Jenni I *think*it's because it's more relaxed and less full-on preppy, there's juxtaposition between the texture and formality of the denim and the shiny skirt, and also denim blue is one of my best colours. The others were a little "soft" for me and/or too pure prep. But it's going back anyway!

denim top looks super cute on you, and is actually the thing I like best with that skirt. glad you are keeping the top.

Fair enough it goes back, it was interesting to me that lyn67, and myself, and now Laurie as well, all thought the same thing.
I read the most fabulous children’s book once, by Australian author Emily Rodda, called “Something Special”, about how certain clothes just embody a person. This is many years ago, well before YLF and before much understanding of my personal style. I must have read it in the 90s because I know when Mum died in 1999 I thought of it when choosing how to dress her, I wanted her to be in a “special”. Somehow that combination was more “you” to us than the others.

Such a lovely, colorful skirt.. I like it best with the simple black top