I’m reading all of this with interest because I downloaded Stylebook, oh, like, maybe two years ago? And haven’t used it. I was overwhelmed with the idea of loading everything into it, and with a large wardrobe, the task seems particularly daunting. I need more hours in the day!

I use Finds and really enjoy updating it. Not all my older pieces are in Finds - but over the years, I have gradually got most of my wardrobe in there.

Janet, l felt daunted too at first but if you do it in sections just like your recent closet edit you will get there in the end.l ve only just got every thing loaded and I ve had it since last December!Another way is just to load what you wear each day but do not feel you’ve got to do it all at once.I would have been completely fed up if I had tried to do that.

For what it's worth - I keep everything in Finds, making custom Finds as needed, the way Angie describes. I use Google as part of my jobs so I'm able to find old stock photos pretty easily. I think most of my active going out of the house wardrobe is in there now - not so much with older lounge, workout clothes, or pajamas. I take photos of my items when I have to.

As for loading items into Finds or Stylebook - youou could add items as you wear them, for instance!

I have a large-ish wardrobe, and this makes it feel manageable to me. In addition to easy travel capsule planning, I also keep a running list of items I'm not sure about keeping anymore. I also keep a running list of items I want to build outfits around soon. That ensures there are fewer closet orphans.

I did not realize we could put our wardrobe in finds, I am so going to start doing this. To have my wardrobe digital would be so great.

I downloaded Stylebook late last year. It took some time to get good photos of everything in it, and I have it all in there now except for underpinnings, socks, and that sort of thing. I like that I can track cost per wear on new purchases (I don't remember what I paid for older items), but I am bad about logging outfits that are just "ok". I find their outfit generator entertaining more than useful and like SarahD8, I find their packing list feature lacking the usability I want.

I have started to dupe my wardrobe in Finds, and it is easier than I thought it would be. I have my shoes, outerwear, skirts, and dresses in "collections" there and would love to play around with ways I can organize them. I still want to add tops, sweaters, and denim, but they are my largest categories and will need to be done in baby steps.

yes, I just wanted to second Angie's idea. Do run a gogole image search of the items first. It is very rare that I cannot find the picture that I am looking for that way. Also get in the habit of collecting pics (I do that on pinterest) as soon as you buy something. It becomes super easy over time.

I'm high fiving all those who manage their wardrobe on Finds! Christina, Sal, Bijou, Bella, Liesbeth! Many of my clients do too.


Jenni NZ, I applaud your hand written document

Thank you ALL so much for commenting and sharing your wisdom and experience.

Today, I started the work with photographing my wardrobe. I decided I will do it by category and start mainly with Fall/Winter items.
Thank you for the advice with the online stock pictures, I managed to find some. Most of my old and thrifted items will have to get photographed though.

I managed to photograph almost all my F/W blazers, jackets and outerwear. It went relatively quickly, although the pictures are not very nice. I will maybe change some of them later, but for now I would like to get everything into a digital wardrobe to be able to create Custom Finds and use Stylebook.
I also took pictures of some of my bags - it was easier than the clothes.

I used hangers, as recommended. The most difficult part was the hanger appeal - have not succeeded with that. The colors, on the other hand, were rather correctly shown in the pictures.

My overall impression at the moment is that it is less time consuming than I imagined, I thought it would be almost impossible to get it done. It takes time, yes, but if done in smaller portions, it will be manageable. I look really forward to having everything organized and improve my shopping and outfit planning, and simply have a better functioning wardrobe. And - it is quite satisfying and fun.

Thank you again for the encouragement!

Katerina - I'm still on vacation but I just saw this! So great to hear!! Honestly I really love the app and it seems like a lot of people on this thread do too!
I'll be back to post more later - but I wanted to say that I don't take photos of any of my items - too time consuming. I enter a description and find a similar image on Google and use that - it's usually much better quality anyway. Good luck and I can't wait to hear how you do with it!

Roxanna, thanks! Enjoy the rest of your holiday!

I have all my new purchases in Finds. I have been putting my older pieces in Custom Finds. Slowly. Very Slowly. Sometimes I can find a stock picture of something similar so I will use that. For example, I have a picture of a McQueen Reefer Coat instead of a Theory Coat. Works for me. I do have some of my gear and some of my basics in Finds.
I also keep a workbook to write notes about purchases, ideas, plans, etc.
I like the Finds feature. I can organize packing lists, denim capsules, toppers, etc. If anyone wants to look at it they can. How exciting is that??!! If Angie or someone review an item I can add it to my finds.

I downloaded Stylebook (or maybe Closetspace?) or maybe both...and was quickly defeated by the app. I just couldn't get going with it. Instead I use Finds. All my new purchases are there. Like Style Fan, I still have some custom Finds to add, and even the ones I've documented aren't always the best photos. Still, it works. I also use an old fashioned list in Notes. I have a Grand Inventory and then notes at the bottom of what I edit out and why.

I had Stylebook few years ago but didn’t do much with it. I recently got it again because I love the idea of using it but so far I’ve only added footwear. It would be fun to play with and make outfits and nice to see what I truly wear.

I used to write down WIW each day and tracked wears in a spreadsheet but quit doing both some time ago. Currently I have written lists of everything currently in my closet for fall/winter. I keep my lists in my reMarkable tablet which syncs to my phone so they are always handy and easy to update. I also have photos of groups of items...like these of my nonblack footwear and toppers (jackets and cardigans.) it’s not as useful as individual items in Stylebook would be, but at least a good reminder of what I have! I try to remember to put my purchases in Finds too. I love making collections!

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Thank you Angie, I am a finds newbie. And hmm. I have never cataloged my wardrobe. Maybe I should.

For custom finds, I agree with using pix found online if possible. They’re just better. Some of my purchases were recent enough that even though they were no longer for sale, I could use links in the receipts for online purchases to get pix that way. But whether you go that route or take your own photos (I got all the digital pix I could, then piled up the rest of the stuff for one big photo shoot), in the end you have a bunch of files to upload, and no way to upload pix for more than one item at a time. I’m not sure when batching came in, but not using it is very old fashioned and slow.

Hmm, the idea of doing this sounds daunting for someone like me with a very large wardrobe! I would be photographing things everyday for over a year!

I’m tracking and planning my outfits with Stylebook for few years. Before that I was doing it with other apps or in the very beginning with an excel sheet and collages made by me. But so far Stylebook is the best. I use it for so many things - my entire wardrobe is there including sports gear, scarves and other accessories, bags and some of the jewellery. My wishlist for the season is there, planning purchases for longer periods, list of stores for various wardrobe needs. List of current orders - if there are any. Packing lists. Inspiration photos which I heavily use to come up with new ideas for outfits. Experiment collections for potential new items to check how they fit with the rest of the things I own, do I have the right shoes/toppers/tops/whatever for them and weather I really want to purchase them. The calendar with preplanned outfits saves me a lot of time and stress. It’s a struggle in the rare occasions when for some reason I have to choose an outfit just before leaving in the morning and don’t have something prepared from the night before.
I have very little free time between full time job and two little kids so having this app allows me to take care of my wardrobe which otherwise I wouldn’t have the time to do. Trying things and making style labs in real life is not possible for me at the moment. Maybe in few years it will but now I’m relying on the virtual help of Stylebook since I might be busy but I still want to look nicely dressed.
The tracking feature has opened my eyes to what items are really worth spending more and where I need to cut down. Yes, I have tracked my wears in other ways but only in this app when I saw the solid number of 150 wears for a bag and 300 for jeans I realised that these are the items that I don’t have to hesitate when buying. But if it’s a dress then I should probably just wear something that I already have.

I’ve been using a google doc to track my full wardrobe, and for the last year have been adding all my purchases in Finds. I like the detail in the doc - price, source, date of purchase- but agree that Finds are a great way to track full wardrobe.