OMG!! That suit looks like it was custom made for you, rachylou. You were born to wear it, girl!!

Bijou said I was the Queen of Christmas. But I dunno, I think after seeing this that I'm merely a Princess. *bows down*

I love how it's cut like a very conventional suit but OMG the print.

Love this so hard!!

The hat is icing on the cake!!

Yes, of course you should keep it. I saw this jacket at a holiday show last week. it looked great in an over the top kind of way.

But will you wear it?

Will you wear it 30 times?

I was at my husbands work party this past weekend and one of the fellows had on a Christmas suit. He looked fantastic .

That is truly, truly fabulous. Well done, RL!

OMG FAB! i think this is my favorite Rachy outfit!

Well, I will wear it at least twice, lol. Don’t know if I’ll get to 30. On the other hand, the skirt has elastic gussets, which amused me because it’s so close fitting - they tell you they cut them small. But someone was thinking about Xmas dinner in the design department! Haha!

Love it! Taking careful note of the sizing tips. I have my eye on the Pacman suit to use as separates.

What have you decided on? It IS fun and fits great. Since you already have gotten so many cheers, I'll take it upon me to be the party pooper. Is the cut of the suit a little boring? Although the pattern is mega fun. I remember you helped me analyze the outfit of a celebrity designer on here, and one of the cons of her personal style was the conventionally boring office/secretary skirt suits.

I’ll admit, Synne, that the suit is not as flashy as I envisioned, but I’m going with it because it’s still nutty-pup, lol. I’m thinking strongly about glitter high tops to up the flash factor... we’ll see how lazy I am. Haha! I’m gonna buy a bejeweled bow neck scarf just like the pic... gotta have that.

High five on the glitter hi tops! I just got these and am not 100% sure it's practical to keep them, but they're sooo cute.

For sure I was thinking of your high tops Christina!

Super cute. I saw a guy wearing a pants suit that looked like this the other day and thought it was a fun festive look. Ugly sweaters, step aside!

You are amazing Rachy, but your Mom wins Christmas with that hat purchase!

Yeah. I know. Mom wins :p

Think it needs a sequin top

Pretty much made for you!

YES! love your styling ideas with glitter high tops, neck piece and the cute Santa hat. You will be the star of the party.


It's fantastic. I would love with glitter high tops -- it's perfect for you!

You are going to be a huge hit.

Fun outfit, great for the holidays.

I’m so glad you approve, Angie! Ok. Now I’m ready to party