I’m replacing heels.....and I love the fit. Perfect for my feet. Truly perfect.

Gorgeous shoes. All of them. I loved the striped oxfords on the site but none available in my size. A blessing because I didn’t have the cash right now!

Some styles are currently on sale for 40% off. I wanted to share since there was so much interest in this brand! The challenging part is that returns are for store credit only.

Forest green snake print? Be still my beating heart...

HJ, they sell them at Nordstrom also, so you can possibly try a pair there first to figure out which last works.

Staysfit, that is a great idea! Their customer service team was very helpful when I reached out to them.

Forest green snake? I don't suppose that comes in a bootie....

Suntiger, the forest green is in a bootie, but it was only available in two sizes the last time I looked, too small for me! So sad!

Ugh, I just saw the forest green booties, on sale, and a half size too small for me. Sob!