I am not a fan of pleats on myself but they look great on you! If I were you, I would get them.

I can’t get over how many people here don’t like pleats. I love the way they provide freedom of movement while controlling the “extra” fabric, also like the slightly retro tailored vibe they always have, even in shocking yellow. I hope Angie does one of her polls on them and asks the haters to explain (“too much fabric” doesn’t work for me—unless ruffled skirt tiers and tunic tops and flowing anything are also “too much”).

I personally do not like pleats (on myself) because they widen an area of me that is already wide. It’s that simple. I think they look ok on other women, but they are never my favorite — my personal distaste for the look on my own body pushes me almost into poison eye territory, but as Angie says, I always support the preferences of the wearer! When I do like the look of pleats, I tend to prefer them on pants that are not tapered.

ETA: this is in response to FI’s comments about pleat “haters” — and I also avoid the other looks mentioned because I’m super picky about adding more volume to my lower half unless the look is somehow balanced out with a perfectly fitting and flattering top. This is a big-hip-people problem, and I know some of you can’t relate, but it is akin to people with broad shoulders avoiding shoulder pads and puffed sleeves. Of course some people don’t mind emphasizing parts of their bodies that are larger or not as proportionate, but that is not me.

Anchie you have a great figure and look slim and lovely in these pants because you are slim and lovely. Regarding pleat pants, I have a pair and enjoy wearing them as they are so comfy BUT the reality is that pleats add extra fabric and therefore bulk,. You have to decide if they are right for you. I really like them with the light blue top.

I think the pants fit really well and that your hesitation has to do with the style of the pants. These have a bit of an eighties vibe to them, IMO, and the pleats give a different look than we're used to seeing. For some people, that's their jam, and for others, not so much. I personally don't do pleats very well because I have a bottom half that is larger than my top, so the overall effect is very disproportionate when I wear pleated pants.

Thanks Janet! I see what you mean about not wanting to add volume to an outsized body part, but that’s not what I see going on with Anchie in these pants. But that veers towards discussing other people’s bodies, which I’d rather not do.

FI: In counterpoint, I am a pear and love pleats because they permit pants to drape well. Straight cuts can be too bodycon for my taste.