I just love him! <3

SO unbelievably adorable.

Hahahaha! This just slays me!

He is soooo cute! Batsam rules...
Wil wants to be able to run across the back of the lounge to surveil as well... (pity he's a goofy 35kg lab lol!)

It does look like a lot of fun. Batsam rule indeed!


Fabulous Greg - thanks for sharing.

Love the pictures! Sam is a fashion inspiration!

These photos are fantastic. So adorable.

Lovely pics! I like Angie in the background trying to get Sam's attention...

You may joke and think it's all really cute but in his world, guarding you and your house from the stair top is really important!!!

Thank you for making my day with these pictures, Greg. Sam is so adorable, and such a little character. Picture 6 is the cutest thing I have seen in a long time.

Well how cute is this! I especially love the look on his face in photo #4. Sweet!

This is so adorable! If I ever get a dog it will have to be a yorkie. You really should frame photo #6. Beautiful!

Thank you for all the kind words about little Sam.

And Cocolion, I take Sam's guard duties extremely seriously. So his alertness is important in our world too. But his outfit is a lot of fun.

Oh my goodness. Dying from the cuteness. Both Sam, and Angie trying to make him smile!

So much personality. Sam is a star for sure. Thank you for sharing these. I really love 4 and Sam's expression with Angie in the background.

I love how Sam breaks the 4th wall during shooting. He is very sophisticated!

Thanks for the behind the scenes! So much fun. #6 is my favourite, too.

So sweet! Are you sure Sam doesn't don his BatSam cape at night while everyone's sleeping? Nothing beats protecting the homestead with a little extra jolt of superpower.

So sweet! Thanks for sharing. Sam posts always bring a smile to my face.

Love! Thanks for sharing