Hi Everybody!

I was perusing People Style Watch today at Barnes and Noble and I came across this photo of Beyoncé Knowles wearing a fabulous collarless tweed jacket by Chanel:


I like the whole look minus the hat, big hoop earrings and ultra wide leg pants (not really my thing). I'd like to copy it, but I need some guidance on the tweed jacket. I think collarless tweed jackets can look matronly if you're not careful. Is the color of this tweed jacket, or the cut what make it sort of fresh and youthful? What should I look for when I'm buying a tweed jacket? I have an orange one that has a collar that I love, so I'm looking for more the "traditional" round neck jacket, I think. I would probably pair it with a similar shirt (I actually think I have a white shirt with a cowl neck just like the one she is wearing), but instead of ultra wide leg jeans, I'd probably go with either trousers or skinny/straight leg jeans and heels or boots, or booties.

Thanks everyone!