The good: the size small fits me well, at least over the mid-weight tee I was wearing to test it out. It's a lovely fabric, and I like the print. It seems like it would be great with jeans and lots of other options.

The questionable: I'm not sure the cut works for me. I think it might be too straight or better for an apple/IT, but I'll have to take it home with me in a couple of weeks, try styling it, and take photos there to be sure. There is not a good mirror/light/photo situation here at the ranch. It looks pretty good from the front, I think, but when I turn to the side, there seems to be a lot of extra fabric in the back which makes it poof out in the middle of my back and then it comes in again where the fit gets closer to my hips. I wonder if it could be altered a bit to make the fit slightly less bulky back there. It's not big across the back at my shoulders or the armpit, it's lower, across the waist. Any thoughts on that kind of alteration?

But for anyone considering this jacket, sizing definitely runs just a little generous. As a typical size 6 or 8 in tops, a S works for me.