My bestie and I were chatting yesterday, and we were talking about clothes, agreeing that we both had some beautiful pieces that we haven't worn in ages, but can't bring ourselves to let go. (We have promised ourselves that in the fall, when the temperatures drop, we are going to have an embroidered fancy jacket-wearing, socially-distanced outing).

We also talked about what we're wearing lately. Easy clothes. Non-fussed. Skirts? Not so much, except for socially distanced singing gigs - and then... nothing that requires shapewear. For the most part, shorts are the thing.

An interesting realization that came up, is that we're both reverting to more basic, easily laundered clothes. I used to wear more hand-wash and delicate items, that I babied, and I used to air blouses, skirts, shorts, etc. between wearings.

Now, if I'm out of the house - even for an hour to grocery shop - the item goes in the wash when I get home. So my clothes really have to be up to the task of increased laundering. Basic tees have become the staple item, but I dress them up with a necklace, sparkly hair clip or an occasional scarf (which gets laundered as well), and cute, comfy wedges or esapdrilles.

If for some reason, I don't have time to launder something, I didn't wear it very long, and I want to wear it again immediately, I spray it with a vodka + water mixture (1:5 ratio), and let it hang dry.

I still dry my clothes on a rack, which I think has a huge impact on the appearance and longevity of my clothes.

I've also switched almost exclusively to crossbody bags, but POCKETS are king. I'm starting to forego bringing a bag into places like the grocery store or the dentist. I lock it in my trunk, and carry a small card holder, keys, phone, and hand sanitizer in my pockets. And a pen if I know I'm going to need one.

What about y'all? What have you noticed about the behind-the-scenes of your wardrobe?