Wow! Thanks for all the love! I was actually a little on the fence about this, but I am SO glad I bought it. And with Friends and Family it was super cheap. Planning to wear it during my Easter trip to Portland OR to see my daughter, just back from India. I know I'll feel great in it, thanks to all of you.

Looks great on you.

That is so great on you!

I always like the look of blazers but I've sworn off buying any more because I default to more casual jackets. This is such a perfect combo on you though-- great styling!

I love this, and I love how you've styled it!

Uh oh... I may need to snag one of those too. Add me to the flora club!

LOVE! Great way to style it the floral with the stripes. genius .

Wow, looks fantastic!

I'm a lemming. Viva, you should get a commission! Thanks for the great find!

Sadly once I got this blazer home, I realize the stance hits me in the wrong place. I would really need a petite, as I often do in structured tops and jackets, but I question how short the sleeves will be. Seeing how good it looks on Viva helped me to realize I should pass on it. My limited wardrobe space thanks you!

Wow....haven't been into a loft in probably 6 months....this is generally making me think about a visit. Love this, the color,the pattern and the fit.

I am in love with this jacket and sorely tempted to buy online. You look stunning.

oh, back to say, i've been thinking about this all afternoon, so just ordered....

This looks so great on you, and I will be happy to see it on several ladies on the forum.

This jacket is so lovely on you. Please keep it and wear it with the striped tee.

Joy, I thought of you all when I packed for Portland last night and brought the striped tee!