Ummlila were these it?;page=8

Unfortunately the size 8, largest available wouldn't work either

My initial feeling looking at them is "eh, I don't think I could make those look good." But I will absolutely not knock them until I try them because a few years ago I said I'd never wear jeggings and here I am, madly in love with them. Since they're trendy and I'm plus size and on a budget I may not find any for a while, but it'll give me time to see them on others and end up really liking them, I'm sure.

I'm definitely in for Winter. I'm not sure if I will chop mine or buy new.

Anna, I think it was those. It's such a drag when you get fixed on one kind of thing and it's either nowhere to be found or not in the size thst fits.

I'm all over this, cropped or cuffed pants are part of my style that I only sacrifice for winter-weather purposes. So right Angie, it really does freshen up a wardrobe!

I need another pair.

You know, I said I'd hold off on getting any more of these, but I realized when I wore mine last that I might find a darker wash pair even more useful than the light wash pair I have. One nice thing about this style is that I don't have to worry about the pants being long enough for me, for a change!

I would probably choose a fit that's a little less boyfriend-y loose and more fitted than the CE's I have. I don't want a tight thigh and a lot of flare on the leg though -- I feel like that is not a great look on thick thighs like mine. More of a straighter, gentle flare. Now how hard could it be to find that?

Good to hear ladies. I have a busy day, so my apologies for not getting back to you individually. Here are a few answers to the questions:

  • Gigi, I sized down and bought a petite in the Gap Girlfriends to get the fit you describe, and kept the cuffs UN-rolled. See my last outfit post for visuals.
  • Umlilla, seen a few shades of ecru jeans at higher price points - Anna linked to a pair - but it's still early days. You can wear white jeans year round though, (and I do).
  • OF COURSE petites can wear this style. All you need to do is chop shorter to keep proportions balanced.
  • Cropped skinnies and straight legs are easier to wear than cropped flares. I like the cropped straight legs best because they flare out a little, but not as much as the pukka flare.
  • By all means chop an old pair of jeans to get the look. I've done that to an old pair of white skinnies and black straight legs.

If you love jeans - consider getting this style. All my clients are going to throw in a pair of these - but with a skinny or straight leg most of the time. They are more practical in Seattle then long flares - which I love too.

For the last 3 to 4 years it was BF jeans, and now it's this. I am WELCOMING the sleek fit around my hips, waist and thighs.

i'm struggling with this…..i'm totally on board with the cropped cuffed….been on board with that for a while….having issues with the wider leg, mostly with finding the correct length….

Kkards, try a petite in a straight leg style.

thanks angie, i did try to buy the gap pair that you bought, but the last time i checked they were sold out….but these are on my winter/early spring need list….

I'm going to chime in and say, try them if you like the look. I'm short with large calves and I wore the BR petite flared crops with boots yesterday and I absolutely loved them on me. The flare hits below the wide part of my calf so doesn't emphasize it. I' m 5'1 1/2 and these jeans have a 24" inseam.

Hmm, I might give it a try. My first reaction is that it makes the models' legs look short, but I bet it would be OK with heeled ankle boots rather than pumps. It's the exposed expanse of ankle that bothers me.

I think I am going to see if I can have someone narrow the upper leg of the raw edge crops I bought last summer, in order to emphasize the flare. They don't look quite like the finds pic.

I am very excited for this new shape and hope to figure out how to wear it in the warm weather, that is with what kind of shoes which are not high-shaft booties.
UmmLila, I have the same jeans and was thinking exactly the same thing - they look more like BFs now than anything else.

I just spotted a couple of pairs in this silhouette in black. Interesting.

I wonder if the fit on the R&B is anything like the Dres. I have a credit at Shopbop so I may need to try these. It doesn't count on a shopping hiatus if you use a credit, does it?

Looking at the photos I am not instantly drawn to these. The jury will be out until I try some on and see how they feel. They are definitely fashion forward in my world.

For more spring / summer looks, a shoe that laces up the ankle might be a gap filler. I like the idea of these but suspect that, on me, all the laces might wind up around my ankle bone.

You know I am on board Angie - my winters aren't that cold but the roads do get wet, and I love anything to show off my shoes. I posted the Mango ones last week. They do run small and I think I will have them hemmed a bit, but the interesting thing is the fringe is a seems to be sewn on, so I think a tailor will be able to put it back.

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Yes I like it too! Great to have choice.

I will have to try them on. Like Laura, I'm skeptical, with the shape of my calves. And I kind of groan inwardly when I see that a new shape is in style, once I've finally gotten a collection of denim that I really like. All that hard work of finding the right pairs. . . .

Shevia, those are cute and the price is right. Are they pronounced flares? Are they relatively fitted through the thighs? The black look cuter on the model, but of course both pictures are of the same style. Their pics are throwing me off a little.

I am definitely going to try these! Thanks for helping us!

Ooh. Might have to try those Mangos.

I am enjoying this trend. We had such a warm fall that I could wear the cropped flared BR jeans until Christmas. Now it's too cold for them. But I cut off an old pair of higher waisted skinnies and have been continuing to wear those at times with boots, which of course gives a different look but does extend the wearing season. For the most part this, like BF jeans, must be spring/ fall in my climate, but as someone who wears jeans often I love having options!