When not shopping from some sort of ‘list’ (either specific items or general category) I might wander into ‘shopping for my imaginary life’. My ‘imaginary life’ is that of a traveller, and my litmus test for a new item becomes: this would be so good to pack for a trip or this would be perfect for a long haul flight. I’m obsessed with airport outfits and packing capsules! Women pulling roll-aboard suitcases dominate my Pinterest style boards. In real life, before pandemic related restrictions, 15-20% of my life was spent living out of a suitcase. In the last year - 0%.

Items that work for travel adapt to a casual OTG lifestyle pretty well - so succumbing to the impulse is not a total fail. All-day walking shoes and comfortable essentials are closet assets, and not just for trips. I scratch the fantasy lifestyle itch by building mix-and-match capsules, and the occasional 10x10 closet challenge.

My imaginary life impacts my style. Recognizing that I have fantasies, and finding ways to honour them within the context of style and wardrobe management makes me happy.

What is your ‘imaginary life’? Are you able to make peace with it, and somehow incorporate aspects of an aspirational or fantasy lifestyle into your closet?

*Finds - purchased this past year when the thought ‘perfect for travel’ crossed my mind. The suitcase was actually bought early March 2020 to replace my old roll-aboard.