Some of the women I am interested in and follow online refer to items of clothing (and bags and shoes too ) as forever pieces. Part of me is slightly in awe (not in an envious way but in amazement of how different our lives can be , lol) ) of those wealthy enough to collect certain things that they know will still look good years from now and they'll pass on to their daughters . But the other part of me is intrigued by the idea and wondering how realistic it is to adapt for someone on my rung in the socioeconomic ladder.

I don't for a minute consider anything I own to be worthy of passing along, but then....maybe some of my better handbags and outerwear would pass that test. I recall a Ports International (remember that brand?) black wool turtleneck that my mother passed on to me when I was about 25 , and she had already owned it for probably 10 years. I wore that thing until it gradually became an underlayer I wore skiing....another 10 years later. It was that good. That's the kind of clothing I aspire to own .

Anyways, passing along is not the point. The point is using that "forever piece concept" as a bar to set for selecting items for your wardrobe. I'm working toward having that kind of wardrobe : one that has modern -yet - classic, top quality pieces that will never become dated . Which means getting away from shopping for the sake of shopping .

I feel I'm making great headway : I haven't shopped much at all this summer, and my big closet clean-up earlier this summer has made me see my wardrobe in a whole new light. Sure there are things I am "missing" or could use, but they aren't so urgent that I need to run out to look for them. Anyways, I digress. I wonder how much of one's wardrobe is realistic to have as "forever pieces" .

I'm trying to look at any new clothing for fall & winter through this lens and see where it leads me. I can see where it doesn't account for fun or statement pieces, but I wonder how much of that I really need anyways.

There's one of these pieces on my radar right now: a cashmere blend oversize v neck sweater from COS that apparently is so good it could pass for The Row It's available in the Toronto store but not online for Canadians. Ahem.

Anyone have any thoughts on this concept?