Opaline, yes Shanghai is fabulous. Vibrant, busy, fashionable, traditional. And great food!
I am somewhat technically challenged, but I will endeavour to take a pic of my newest Furla bag and post it.

Great bags, enjoy them. I adore Furla but unfortunately they so rarely have silver hardware and that is the only thing that is stopping me

Excellent! Thanks for the follow up Opaline.

Beautiful bags, and I wish you many long years together. But, I have to say I’m equally impressed that they are staged on a turntable!

Oh, you will enjoy them so much! My Furla wallet looks like new after years of hard wear and tear- it’s truly a well made brand.

Both bags are stunning, Opaline!!

They are so beautiful, the one with the birds has amazing colors and is so unique

-Smittie, I hope it helps!
-Murph11, haha!! Yes! I loves mah tunes!
-Jessikams, I am so glad to hear that.
I am now tempted to get a walket for the bigger one. Yes, I am easily tempted, lol.
-Anchie, you’re right & silver would be great. I actually wish they did rose gold hardware too.
-Inge & Dianna, thank you!

-Barbara, I’d love to hear about the food!

Love them both, and Angies little pet too
Can't wait to see them styled!

Thank you, suntiger. ^_^

I didn’t know they came in prints. So great that you got one for each side of you.

Barbara Diane,

They have some some really quirky prints.
After I ordered these I found out my Husband ordered me an Owl print one for our 25th anniversary. I am super excited!

That one is gorgeous as well!

Owls?! We just went out yesterday evening and watched a pair of barn owls hunting over a marsh for over an hour. Your owl bag is going to be a wonderful addition to your collection!

Birdies! You may convert me yet to furla

Join me on the fine feathered furla side, bj1111!

JAileen, I love Owls. Real and inanimate.
That sounds so fun and also relaxing.

Jules, tyvm.

WOW - ! love all three of your Furla bags, and perfect for you! I think this is the start of a beautiful collection that will bring you (and those that see you using them) much joy.

Oh my, those are fabulous!

Beautiful! I am DYING over the little birdies! SO CUTE!

Thank you, Bijou, Brooklynn & La Belle!