I am always struck by the way the availability of footwear influences opportunity for style changes in " bottoms" ( skirts & pants , and technically dresses, too) choices , and vice versa..

Of course fashions and trends change both continually. But that doesn't mean I can find a given item very soon or easily if I like the style; (or maybe I don't like part of it, so will pass. )

Then lo and behold, an item turns up and all of a sudden I " can" wear something.
Examples might be that booties with the holy grail of narrow shafts allow for slimmer- straight long pants.
Or, when I found the PG ankle strap flats, for me those were the key that unlocked the more cropped length of pants or long culotte, or feeling happier with the outfits, because I liked that look much more than just regular flats.
I imagine that it is likely trends drive the look of both, but sometimes if is just me because the blogs will suggest multiple options, but I'll need something very specific, because I seem to be so ticky
about proportions with my feet & legs.
I think it drives some style choices for sure. It might help if I had either more imagination/improvising skills, or if I were to find photos of some other options I'd not considered- more street fashion.
How about you-- do you find the bottoms but not the shoes, or the shoes but not the right pants or skirt, or are you good at making do?