Footwear is just one of those things that we have to change as our "parts" demand as we get older. You have a very nice collection of footwear. Luckily there are a lot of styles now to still have very nice fashionable shoes, sandals, sneakers, booties, etc. to keep us happy.

Yep, they were good while they lasted. Good thing you have other options. I'm right there with you on heel height.

Angie, I love your low-heeled shoe collection. Interesting to hear about the change in your footwear tolerances. I'm finding since my job change last fall that I am wearing the heck out of my flat or nearly-flat shoes and rarely wearing my heeled booties anymore. The main factor for me is the 1/2-mile walk between my house and the bus stop. I used to drive to my previous job.

What a sweet farewell. I saw Okalas in black yesterday at Whole Foods and thought of YLF. I looked down at my Mephisto Helens, shrugged, and finished shopping.

Heel height isn't the deciding point for me these days; I'm chronically so tired that any effort at all presents a serious hurdle to choosing any given footwear. Favorite ankle boots have laces? Maybe I can make do with the zip ones instead. But, zippers require effort, too. Both closing them at the beginning of the day, and opening them at the end. As do socks. These decisions have to be thought through, you see!

Looks like I'll be expanding my wardrobe of slip-on sandals with arch support, and keeping up on my pedicure appointments.

But I'll always have a fond spot for Okalas and all the love they enjoyed here. Numbers-wise, has any footwear item graced more WLF feet than they?

I still like those shoes a lot
You really live what you preach Angie. I am not surprised to see that you have a small but extremely wearable collection of shoes. Something to emulate!

really good to hear about the move away from heels, it makes me feel more comfortable with my footwear choices

I only wear heels for work,

I stick with low boots for weekends and the walk to work and I love sneakers too. I like to see your choices, thank you for sharing Angie

I didn't take it as complaining, Angie. I read your comment as things change, we roll with those changes. You did just that. I commend you for having the brains to not torture yourself.

I'm sad with you! Seemingly overnight, we develop foot issues. Now I understand why our mothers/grandmothers/older women wore such SENSIBLE-looking shoes years ago. Not because they stopped liking pretty things, but because they couldn't tolerate them anymore. However, we have SO many more choices now and I am confident that shoe manufacturers are no longer ignoring the needs of women with fussy feet, although we are paying dearly for more comfortable yet still stylish shoes. This year I bought $450 Aquatalia booties <gulp> but they are worth every penny to me. I'll forgo other clothing items so that my feet don't scream in pain.

This is a great reminder that when the time is right, we have to let some things go. It is incredibly strange how something that once worked, suddenly doesn't. I love your attitude, that it is just time to move on. Onwards and upwards!

I have lost my tolerance for heels as well! My feet actually hurt a bit looking at some shoes My need for comfortable feet has far surpassed my need to look fashionable.

I'm always sad when it is time to see a favorite go. I admit, I tried on some of the Okalas last year in Nordstrom Rack and wasn't sure how you all can wear them, not comfy for me but I have never been a heel person.

I sure love your current shoe collection though! So many gorgeous choices.

I was never able to think of my Okalas as an all day walking shoe like you did, but I still really enjoy having them for office wear when I'm not doing a ton of walking, and for dressier occasions. I'm sorry they don't work for you any more, as it means your feet are getting fussier. But you certainly DO have great options! And may the future options always be plentiful.

Isabel, fantastic poem.

Angie- sorry for your loss. So important to keep it real with what works for our feet. The heel heights you now prefer are what I can manage also. There are more appealing options that ever in this range. I must say, I look forward to sharing recommendations with you; our feet are similar enough that there has been overlap in both style preferences and fit. Onward, indeed.

HAH. Thanks for the giggles and compassion, ladies. Lots of wise words here.

Like many others, I make NO compromises for foot comfort, so this is where I am now. Not as good as before - but no reason to complain either.

Isabel, you are brilliant.

Jill58 and Jaime. YES. That’s exactly what’s happening to my feet. Shrinkage. No padding. Need smaller sizes.

Joyce, you are dead right. I’m keeping the floral pumps for Summer nights out.

Sharan, thanks, and you absolutely need very comfy shoes when you commute on foot.

Bella, what a lovely thing to say. Thank you.

The Okalas have always been too high for me, but these Sole Society heels are exceptionally well-balanced and just a bit lower which makes a huge difference. I have no idea why I can wear these heels when others 1/2 inch lower give me problems. I lack foot padding and my right toe barely bends. If you ever get a hankering for Oakland type heels, I recommend trying Sole Society.


It's so hard to say farewell to fabulous shoes! About 15 years ago I developed a problem with my pelvis and nerve damage. Between the two conditions it's excruciating to wear anything save low, flat, broad heels with no padding. Padding actually makes my problems much worse. I've found it difficult to find shoes which work for me at all, even aside from the aesthetics angle. This didn't help me to commit to buying only shoes which i could stand to wear, and i have a few unworn pairs in my closet to attest to this struggle.

Fortunately I've always had a bit of a utilitarian/equestrian vibe to my style and Victorian/Edwardian influences also. Some version of work or paddock boots make it possible for me to put on the miles I need for my physical and mental health while looking great too.

These are the Laurel bootie by bed stu. They're perfect for my fussy feet, nicely made with great details like the nails on the heel, and the zipper makes for easy off and on. The company has a big focus on walking-friendly shoes which is quite refreshing, i'm saving up for more.

Shoes are wonderful, but so vexing too! Let's have a sprinkle of shoe fairy dust on the forum here to help us along

So sorry to hear that, Angie. Boy, do I know what it feels like to say goodbye to fab shoes. Your feet need to come first, though, and they speak loudly at times.

I hear you on that - I can not abide a shoe that isn't comfortable, no matter how pretty the shoe. On to the next!

I'm sorry you have to say goodbye to a wardrobe workhorse that you loved but on the bright side, your current shoe wardrobe is fantastic! I haven't been able to wear heels for a while now so I feel your pain but I happily wear my flats. You really do have a gorgeous footwear collection.

Thanks, ladies. It's all good.

LOVELY to see you post again, mrseccentric, and you look fab in your fun stye.

DonnaF, I have suede Sole Society pumps, which are a bit better.