I don't think of myself as a wearer of olive, it is a bit murky for my colour preferences YET when I look in my wardrobe and look at what I wear, there it is! It is a nice neutral that seems to work with much of my wardrobe. I am not planning on buying any more, but I can't say I don't wear it, because clearly I do and like to wear it with pink, white, cream and denim, always just one piece at a time, never a column of colour.

My latest olive acquisition was a Uniqlo umbrella from the Jean-Michele Basquiat collection, my excuse is that I wanted a small compact umbrella and love the dinosaur and Uniqlo quality. My most worn items are the olive pants, an easy alternative to wearing jeans. I am looking forward to the cooler months when I will make sure my velvet coat gets some wear, it will be a fun match with the umbrella.

Do you have a colour that you think you don't wear, but actually you do?