I think spelling out the context here is key. One of the aspects I love about this forum is that everyone is able to consider an outfit within the context of the poster's personal style, life, event needs, etc - or to know enough to admit when they are biased. Knowing what Rita has worn to this type of gathering in the past also helps me gauge whether this meets her (not my) needs in that context.

To me, this dress is completely appropriate for the purpose it would serve! My only concern is whether it's fitting correctly.

It's fascinating to have these glimpses into other people's lives and cultures and I'm so thankful for that. I'd love to go to one of these parties too!

@Una, Thanks for chiming in! I usually worry that my clothes aren't short and tight enough for these events... At least I am covered on those bases with this dress

I have to laugh because I always remember the words of Nina Garcia on Project Runway: "Short, tight, and shiny is the quickest way to look cheap." If you're only doing 2 out of the 3, I guess you're not going quite overboard yet!

(That quote always especially cracks me up considering a lot of what Heidi Klum wears on the show!)

Rita, I'm chiming back in to see the fate of the dress. I think Una nailed it. I've been to many Russian banquets and I agree with her, context is key. I jotted the shadowing in the pictures to poor lighting but I guess you will give it another go and see how it goes. I'm glad hubby likes:)

...and I'm so with you! I do hate to be too covered for Colombian events. Loose and covered equals frumpy in my culture. I can totally relate:)

Interesting . . . as I first weighed in on this dress, to me it's a mix of menswear and clubwear that I don't quite see vibing. Also interesting to me, is I got nowhere near this mixed reaction to my peplum top last week. One of the few questioning keeping it was Modgirl actually. And to her question - the BF's problem with the sequins/red moto pants was he saw it as what an older lady trying too hard would wear (his words!) yikes.

I think it will fit right in with the short and tight crowd (and I have many an outfit that fits that description)! But like others, I am concerned about the fit around the armpits. That would be the deal breaker for me.

Mo, I think if you wore the peplum top with satin hot pants or a micro-mini you'd get a reaction here.

I am probably going to wear it with satin pants! Well, not hot pants point taken!

I love this dress. Believe it needs a little blinging up with accessories to reach full potential. And... I think it would be worth it to do some alterations in the bodice so it's even more fitted... hehe. Not necessary, but worth it.