Good luck on these interviews! I love the chosen outfits -- you look sleek, smart, and exactly "you." So excited that these opportunities await and I wish you all the best! Please let us know how it all goes.

how did it go?

and if your interviews take you to the midwest, pm me.

No fashion advice, just wishing you good luck!

Thanks, everyone! I ended up wearing the skinny pants, black silk shirt, and cropped blazer. I thought it was great. I felt professional but cool and I think the more casual pants made the overall effect better for the setting.

The interview went well! The cold snap wasn't as extreme in Baltimore as elsewhere, and I spent the full day inside one building, so I only had to walk a short bit on my way from dinner to the hotel. Honestly I would have enjoyed more time outside. But for those few blocks I was glad I had the warmer pants (and had stashed my hat and scarf in my Everlane tote - so glad I bought this bag this fall, in hopes that I'd get enough interviews to justify it).

I do need to find a better dry cleaner though. I took my shirt to a new-to-me place and the cuffs came back with pills - I didn't know silk could even pill like that. And looking at the yelp reviews, I'm not the only one with that experience. I'm scared to go home and look closely at the other things I had cleaned there (two other favorite silk shirts). Really I should buy a new black silk shirt that's sturdy enough to hand wash. This Uniqlo one, I have two copies and wash one of them, and it definitely shrank and faded despite careful handling.

Hello from Seattle! Here's an option for interview #2. Haven't had time to get the black shirt cleaned. I think this is less overwhelming than the striped shirt? Plus stars are sort of my lucky motif.

I steamed the black shirt and could wear it again if needed. But it definitely got some sweat in my last interview.

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Hi Greyscale that looks awesome! I love stars and it looks very smart x

Greyscale, that is a great interview outfit and you know it, just look at your smile. You look professional and confident. Good luck with the interview!

Very late to the party but good luck with your interviews. I like your new pants and shirt and the last outfit looks great too.

Thanks for the update. Sorry to hear about the dry cleaner issues. How frustrating!

The outfit for interview #2 is excellent. Love the top.

Love the outfit with the star shirt! That's really super. I'm nervous about dry cleaners for all the reasons you describe.

How unfortunate about the dry cleaners! I have had bad experiences with dry cleaners. I like your new shirt. Looks great with your outfit. I hope your interview goes well.

Stars it is, then! This is a two-day interview and I couldn't decide what to wear so I fit two blazers, three pairs of pants, and four silk shirts into my little carry on.

Good luck with your interview! UW is a great place!