In the 70s, my friend's mom also wore them and she was past retirement age and not a trendy or glam sort of woman, more a homebody.

My dad looked JUST like photo 5! I wonder if he wore a body suit or was just an exceptional shirt tucker...

The womens' flare pants are too cool....

In the 70s there wasn’t the range of sizes there are today. I remember trying a bodysuit and having the snaps pop open when I sat down. My long body didn’t work with the typical sizing. Anyway, I wore lots of dresses back then. I sewed most of my own so added length where I needed it. I also didn’t have a lot of money to experiment with.

I don’t remember my sisters wearing bodysuits either.

The only bodysuit I wore in the 70s was the one I had to wear when I went to gymnastics class once a week.

Yes, I was a kid (six through fifteen) in the 70s.

I thought bodysuits were a 90s thing. I wore a BUNCH of bodysuits in the 90s, because it was a nice easy way to keep my top tucked in

I had a green bodysuit that was like a stretchy body con button down that I wore to death in the early 70"s. I was at art school then, but our jeans were definitely "hip huggers". The whole point of the body suit was to keep the shirt tucked in with the lower rise pants.
I am kind of puzzled by all the talk of high waisted pants. I certainly didn't have any high waisted jeans or cords in 1970.

Yep. Wore these in the early-mid seventies as a middle-schooler. The idea was to keep tops tucked into those new low-slung hip-hugging bell bottoms. Added fit around the waistline for relaxed bodycon look (unless a ribbed turtleneck—then full bodycon). Loved them at the time—Mom and I thought they were ingenius.

I think I had one like D in picture 8 when I was in high school.

I had no idea there were body suits for men. Holy smokes!

Haha love these! I was in my low-teens and I do remember them, I had a few and my mom did too (she was a pretty "mod" dresser back in the day), my dad for sure did not! I don't remember them from the 90's though.

Holy crapulence !!