Going to wear a stretchy sweater dress to accommodate food baby.

Even though we celebrated Thanksgiving in early October in Canada , I get a kick out of reading what everyone is doing and wearing . It’s one of my favourite family celebrations too

Ditto Lisa ... Happy Thanksgiving, American fam!! Xx

I did not intend to abandon my post, but things got hectic here and I know it did for all of you. I wanted to read and enjoy your posts leisurely. Thanks to each of you for your response. I read and enjoyed each one of them..
I wore a pair of whiskey (that's is what the tag said) colored, cord jeans, frayed hem,cropped . My long button sleeved prairie blouse was a small floral print the color of the jeans and pink and blush. Shoes were blush Mary Janes with a flat low heel, and a long rust scarf which I removed in the house and I wore a rose gold necklace and bracelets. Very comfortable.

Ooh. Sounds like a great outfit, Bridgie! Very hip

Thanks rachy. I bet you are thinking how glad you are that your mother would never wear such an outfit! One son and my grandaughter were there. They seemed to approve or maybe accept is the word, but did not comment much. I guess it was about what they would expect.

Lol. Never! I’d simply be worried about alien invasion if my mom suddenly appeared without her LL Bean fleece and purple New Balance

Rachy, you crack me up!