This just for fun, yet of a serious nature to me. As you all know, my life is erratic, and I know it happens to everybody sometimes. I enjoy it more than get upset. And, believe it or not, what to wear is the most upsetting part.
This morning, before I had coffee, I had a text that my great grand daughter's pre school Thanksgiving feast is tomorrow and I am invited. Will be picked .up at 10:15 AM.
Most important things first: I have had appointment with hair dresser for 8 weeks. Hair appointments can be rescheduled but Thanksgiving event that 5 year old is participating in can not. Still holding phone and with no coffee, I started to call hair dresser. At that moment I received the customary automatic text reminder for the appointment. I proceeded to make the call and was fortunate to get an appointment mid December. However, I cannot keep from thinking that the receptionist and hair dresser must have thought that I had forgotten about it til I was reminded, else why wouldn't I have called sooner? In all honesty, they probably don't think that. They are extremely nice and very professional. I am extremely nice and tip very well. I did think I might get something to touch-up my hair myself. Don't recall ever doing it before in my 85 years but would have attempted it today if I had an hour to inquire, purchase it and do it.
That to happen was not in the stars. As many of you know, I am an on-call volunteer and especially with children and churches. Not any particular church. I have actually been spotted in several different churches and it was quite a thrill when the head pastor of one church walked up and introduced himself. Anyway, to end this thing, I have been busy all day until about an hour ago which was probably good. I am sure I would have headed out shopping for something to wear tomorrow, and I do not need anything. My goal for 2019 was to have something new and unworn on hand so when anything did come up I would have something to wear.
So, I have poured a glass of wine and pouring out this sad story to all of
you. It helps relieve the tension.
Everybody's spot in life is different and I know no here is a great grandmother, but I do know that everyone here has excellent taste.
Please share with me and all the forum what you are wearing for Thanksgiving events this week. No matter how casual or formal. Sometimes just a color combo or choice of jewelry can remind me of something I can wear or do. The only thing I can do for my hair is wash it and wear a hat, if I have one that will work. Thank you so very much!