I had this necklace on my radar but since I’m trying to winnow down jewelry and mist other categories, did not buy at first.
My culling showed me that despite gold’s classic style and trending, I still prefer jewelry in silver, gray, pewter, gray pearl and so on

I got the necklace and immediately love it. BUT not as a choker. Choker would work on me, but this “chain “ is so thin that the aerodynamics don’t work on my neck without, well, CHOKING.
But, what I wanted it to do is be infinitely adjustable at any neckline, collar bone, below. Plus the clever factor.
I also like that it is sort of “ delicate statement “. I feel larger necklaces can overwhelm me but I’ve not really got on the bandwagon of the French girl tiny necklace layers ( I might could, though, as we say)..

Thanks, Angie!