I've been wanting to try some new brands and this one appeals to me. From what I can tell this company was founded in Spain. There are only two retail stores in the US, NYC and Washington DC, and one in Ottowa CA. They are showing Angie's brown, light blue, cream palette on their web site at the moment along with some others. They do not carry petite sizing but that is not always a deal breaker for me.

From what I see of styles and prices I'd judge them to be somewhere between Zara and Club Monaco in style, pricing, and quality with perhaps a little more leaning toward classic than either. I've seen lots of finds go by here on YLF from this brand, perhaps mostly captured by European fabbers.

I grabbed a few new finds just now that appealed. They do not seem to give body length dimensions for either of the sweaters so I'd probably think twice before ordering, expecting them to be too long.

For those who know this brand, how is the fit? Is it slim like JCREW or is it a bit fuller? How is the quality? How is their customer support re: shipping/returns?

Thanks for any and all info...