The last couple of years has been an amazing style journey for me. Especially after finding YLF. I feel I am getting better at dressing, keeping inventory of my wardrobe, wearing what I have, knowing what to look for. My outside is slowly starting to resemble how I feel inside and how I want to convey myself to the world. I am also a better shopper, I'm learning what suits me, what works for my life and climate, and what I love wearing.

But I still make mistakes. Ugh. Expensive ones at that. I have had to eliminate thrifting, because I end up buying up a storm because it is "ethical" and "affordable", and therefore doesn't count as real shopping. I also have spent a fortune on coats and hats, which I love buying (ehm...) and look at, but seldom or never wear. I have also bought weird ultra-trendy statement pieces, that just doesn't work for my style when I lack so much of the building blocks of a wardrobe. If my wardrobe was a pyramid chart, I have been shopping from the top down. I guess being aware of my mistakes is a first step to sort this out.

What mistakes did you or do you still make when it comes to fashion and style? The bravest ones can feel free to add pics!