I love my jeans but rarely wear them now - except for my cropped slightly destroyed ones ( occasionally in the evening ). That particular pair of jeans was bought one size up and have slouchy look and very soft feel.
I expect people will go back to wearing jeans in the fall. So far I see customers that are looking for the denim shorts and there is hardly any available.

Janet thanks for posting this article, it was an interesting read. My DS is 11 and very slender and refuses to wear jeans. He has a formal school uniform, so on weekends he likes to wear track pants. At his age, I lived in my jeans. I think jeans are becoming less relevant to younger generations. That said, I really enjoy wearing my jeans.

I wish I COULD wear jeans right now. It's too hot, though. Almost all of my denim is actually quite comfortable (hello, AG The Legging jeans and similar styles from other brands), and:
A) this is Texas, and August is coming, so the closer I am to nekkid the better for body temperature regulation. If this were Game of Thrones, House Texas: words would be "August is coming"; colors would be red for the cosmic death ray that exacts a toll on us for much of the year, plus brown for all the dirt; and our sigil would be the aforementioned cosmic death ray and a burnt longhorn cow rotting in the fields under the blinding light from the aforementioned cosmic death ray)
B) this is Texas, where covid-19 cases are exploding, and I'm at high risk of complications (like death) if I catch this novel coronavirus, so I'm not going anywhere I don't HAVE to go
C) I work 48 hours over 5 days every week, outdoors; so even if there WERE places to go, I'm too tired to go to them
D) if all those things weren't facts of my life right now, I'm still in a bit of a financial mess because I just moved, just missed an entire week of work, and now have to buy 4 new tires and 1 wheel for my car because roads in rural texas eat tires/wheels/other car parts LIKE WHOA; so I can't AFFORD to go anywhere or do anything.

I miss my jeans! I'm likely in the minority here, I know; and yet, here I am, missing my jeans. My experience is that jeans are only restrictive or uncomfortable if they don't fit properly; and leggings just don't feel right on me, possibly because I'm so short through the torso that most leggings available today would actually almost serve as strapless onesies on me which is totally NOT comfortable. Someday, I'll be able to wear jeans again, if I live through the coronapocalypse.

Cindy, I hear you on all of those TX fronts! We were toying with the idea of swinging through there on our way out for a big road trip, and then we thought, wait, why go through Texas in August, when it would be much smarter and more pleasant to go in October or November if there is nothing pressing at the ranch right now.

Numbers of cases and hospitalizations in Smith county are not looking good. We have a friend in east Texas who now has the virus. His husband is a nurse so he is in good hands, but we are worried. My MIL loves her church and is reluctant to give up in person worship, and his brother thinks the whole thing is just a phony crisis, so we're just praying they stay safe. Sigh.

I miss my jeans too. I don't find them uncomfortable unless they are tight, and I've abandoned the skin-tight jeans style anyway. But these days, with the heat and staying home most of the time, I'm living in stuff like this:

I still love my jeans...But, yes, right now its to hot...and back in March/April when i was WFH and wearing jeans, i found that I wasn’t reaching for my fashion jeans, i was reaching for my basics...and so, in preparation for WFH this fall, i did buy another pair of basic jeans.

Our kids would never, ever in a million years, wear jeans for all the reasons cited in this article. I don't think that bodes well for denim companies!

Aha I've been saying jeans are too uncomfortable for casualwear for YEARS (since I was a teenager, in fact) & everyone would look at me like I was crazy! So I suppose that begs the question, did jeans suddenly become uncomfortable recently (not likely, considering you can now buy them with Spandex/ elastane)? Or were they always less comfortable but just with some insidiously strong marketing (to the point where everyone associated them with casualwear despite them being 'cardiovascular prisons')?

I agree with @Janet that weight has nothing to do with it (I used to find them uncomfortable even when I was 90lb!) but maybe what @Joy was observing was a matter of body shape. For me, jeans have always been hard to fit because my thighs have always touched, my butt is too round for proper pocket placement & my waist is much smaller than my hips (leading to either plumber's crack from a gaping waistband of extreme pulling around the seat & legs of the denim).

So of course I can't speak for everyone (if you have similar fit issues to my pear shape but somehow find jeans to be comfortable, feel free to chime in with the particular brand of witchcraft, err I mean denim, that you use to make that happen lol), but I think I'll stick to just my two pairs of non-jeans (jeggings & denim trousers) for now, reserved for only the depths of winter & standing-only parties, thank you very much

As a side note, I had been living in floaty skirts (the kind that don't stick to your legs) but have had to up my casualwear recently (for obvious reasons) & am finding sweatpants & cargo trousers to be surprisingly flattering alternatives (so long as they have a tapered ankle cuff).

I used to avoid these styles as a pear shape because I felt that I had to wear wide-legged EVERYTHING to counteract my 'too wide' hips. I'm also finding leggings look great & are comfy too, so I completely understand the younger generation's obsession with them now. The more you know!

Great article. I like jeans and can love the way they look however they are certainly not comfortable for all day stay at home wear for me.
It's been hot and humid here in PA therefore I haven't really worn even my white jeans this summer. I would usually wear them for an evening out but as we all know that's not happening right now so in my closet they sit.
I expect that when temps fall too low for dresses and skirts I'll wear them for a trip to the grocery store, providing that they fit lol.

I have been wearing jeans all my life, and I am old. Until they started making jeans with stretch, and drop waist, and all the new stuff-jeans were the comfort items we all wore, comfortable and practical. Not in hot weather though. Two things are happening right now-wearing sweats, shorts, and stay at home items, plus some weight gain for many, I can see the wearing of jeans on the decline. This, along with other things will be on the decline for a while. Everything now depends on how much longer the pandemic lasts, and the economy. We are in a wait and see world----

I do love my jeans. Cardiovascular prison--haha! I can see it, but I don't feel that way about them. I do have to set them aside on the hottest days, when I go for dresses or shorts. But I will wear cutoff jeans shorts in summer; they are my favorite shorts, when I can get the right fit and style. Just ordered a very cool pair that turned out to be too long in the rise for me, and I was so disappointed! I spent a good part of the afternoon online searching for another pair to order.