I have the 4 pairs of tall boots in Finds- but realized I need to start over. The snowboots are too tight even with very thin socks, and the other 3 have a lot of damage. My rocky driveway and driving lifestyle chew up thin heels. I also decided I should size up to accommodate thick socks!

The snowboots I like because they're so minimalist, and even work with dressier clothes. I see a lot of really fussy looking lace up boots, but prefer just a zip. We don't even really get much, if any, snow most years, but every so often we get a lot.

The heeled boots I like with skirts and dresses, and I would be able to directly replace the burgundy ones (with burgundy or black). But I haven't been wearing winter skirts and dresses, cause I hate tights, and my work changed. Wondering if I really need 2 pairs.

Tall flat boots are good to wear with skinny ponte pants or my velvet joggers on very cold days. I have chocolate brown and black pants, so maybe a pair of each in boots?

Overall the most important things to me with the boots are: easy on-off, minimalist (inc narrow toe), gold or self color hardware, and non- slippery/weatherproof for snow and ice.
Are there just a couple pairs out there that would tick all the boxes?