The wide leg pants trend puts me on the horns of a dilemma. Do I give up conventional figure flattery? How do I find a pair that looks good on my figure? How do I style them (shoes, top, topper?) to look modern, but ‘age appropriate’ for a 60 yo?

3 years ago I dipped my foot into the trend. I tried (and returned) several pair before I lucked on to one pair. I’ve worn them 25 times since I started counting wears - including 8 times this year. They are fluid fit with a flat front, small wide set pleats, close set pockets, and low volume rear (despite elastic waist). They are actually perfect travel pants.

Jeans are another thing however, with their stiffer material, and I have no idea how to go on! I have had no luck with denim, or crisper fabrics like chino or twill.

How have you fared with wide leg pants? What rises work for you? Any ideas? Tips? Stying ideas? Success stories?