All of a sudden I'm extremely curious about Birkenstocks. Maybe because I recently read this three-year-old New Yorker piece. Maybe because of forum recs of Birkis as comfortable sandals. So I'm curious:

1. Are they as comfortable as they are billed? Most reviews online are
positive, but there are also people who just can't wear them.

2. Do they make your feet look like a cruise ship? Hard to tell from
online pics (all over the place). When I see people wearing the sandals
next to me, their feet don't look comically large at all. BUT I do have
long feet for my height.

3. Suggestions on how to style them? I'm interested both in sandals as well as in the closed-shoe model for when it gets cold.

(My interest was piqued by the New Yorker article's description of how the Birkenstock male execs wear their fur-lined Arizonas with socks in
winter... this intersects with the conversations on statement socks
elsewhere in the forum...)

PS. I was in my 20s in the 90s so I remember when Birkis became fashionable then--but still as crunchy-granola hippie-throwbacks with much fewer options and fashion cred than today. Maybe that's why it's taken me a while to warm up to today's trend.